Are Pedicures Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Pedicures Safe During Pregnancy?

Relaxing your feet is the best thing you can enjoy during your pregnancy after going through severe hormonal changes and stress. While expecting, you see your toenails grow faster and stronger, which requires frequent beautifying sessions. But, there is always a question of “Are Pedicures Safe During Pregnancy”

As a whole, pedicures are generally safe during pregnancy. However, during your pedicure sessions, you should follow certain safety tips and precautions that keep you and your baby healthy and risk-free.

The foot has a number of reflex points which with inappropriate massaging can lead to severe complications for pregnant women. In this article, you’ll understand the right way of rejuvenating your feet while expecting, the precautions to be taken care of, and other related stuff that leads to a harmless pedicure session!

Does Pedicure Induce Labor?

Pedicure feels magical during your last trimester and relieves the feet against pregnancy soreness. It scrubs out the dirt and infectious bacteria, shapes and polishes the nails, and makes your entire feet glow like a mirror! Pedicuring even revives the mind and stimulates blood circulation.

But, it is often believed that the over-massaging of certain pressure points on the feet, especially the surface of the ankle and heel, induces labor pain. It is because these points have the nerve endings of the uterus, and their massaging can lead to uterus contraction by reflexology. However, there is no scientific evidence of pedicures inducing labor. Still, you can ask your pedicurist to exclude massaging over such reflex points and avoid the risks.

Safety Tips For Getting A Pedicure During Pregnancy

Having a pedicure at the parlor involves some health vulnerabilities, especially during your pregnancy period. So, to make your foot-beautifying process secured, follow the forthcoming safety tips!

Make Sure The Tools Are Sterilized

Salons use the same set of pedicure tools across their number of clients. So make sure the tools and instruments involved in the foot treating process are properly sterilized before using them on your toes. It is because hygiene is the first thing you should take care of while carrying, and by using an unsterilized kit you put yourself exposed to harmful fungus and infections.

Are Pedicures Safe During Pregnancy?

If possible, you can also bring your own pedicure kit for the safety of you and your baby. Also, choose the parlor with the best hygienic environment. Ask your pedicurist to wear gloves before initiating the process to prevent the spreading of infections by touching.

Inform Your Pedicurist About Your Pregnancy

The expectant mother requires specialized massaging treatment than others. The tough and long-pressing on certain reflex spots of the feet can contract the uterus and induce labor pain. So, by informing your pregnancy, the highly trained pedicurist will perform mild scrubbing and gentle strokes that relieve the foot’s soreness without stimulating the pressure points.

The professionals will also make your pedicure session more hygienic. They take utmost care such that you and your child are always safe.

Choose A Well Ventilated Salon

By undergoing pedicures, you get exposed to the harmful fumes of the chemicals involved in nail polish and other products. These toxic exhalations from the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) create severe nausea during your pregnancy period. So, the salon with more open windows and an advanced ventilation system can quickly evaporate these harmful gases and keep you away from sickness.

Book Your Appointment Early In The Morning

To have a safe and hygienic pedicure session at your pregnancy time, book your appointments at calm, idle hours. In general, the salons stay inactive in the early morning hours with no-to-minimum clients. So, you can enjoy the cleaner and well-sanitized spa machines and pedicure instruments.

Also, nausea-creating fumes are much limited at this early session as there are absolutely no chemical treatments for the past 10-12 hours.

Related Questions

Pedicures during pregnancy involve not only your safety but also your baby’s. So, the following related questions will clear all your doubts regarding the topic and aids you through the confident relaxation process!

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure?

In general, you should get a pedicure done every 4-6 weeks. For getting thorough knowledge about the pedicure frequency, take a look at our article.

How Long Does A Pedicure Take?

A pedicure can take around 30-60 minutes. This duration varies based on the type of pedicure you have undergone, the techniques involved in it, your skin condition, and several other factors.

Should You Get A Pedicure If You Have Blood Clots?

No, don’t undergo a pedicure session if you have developed blood clots or swollen spots on your legs, as it can lead to labor time complications. So, consult your doctor regarding the issue before taking a pedicure appointment.


Pedicure keeps your feet clean and glamorous. It shapes your overgrown nails and prevents infection-creating bacteria. So, a pedicure is an all-way safe process during your pregnancy until you follow the above-discussed secure measures.

Take care to opt for the hygienic and well-ventilated salon as it forms the base behind a harmless session. Make sure to avoid over-massaging the pressure points around the ankle and heel. Now, with all the essential information acquired, take an appointment at the highly professional pedicurist to enjoy your feet’ relaxation hours!

Yogeshwari Ramadass

Yogeshwari Ramadass

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