5 Best Back Scrubber For Acne In 2022 [Buying Guide]

Best Back Scrubber For Acne

Make your invisible skin areas visibly clear and flawless! The acnes are the painful bumps or skin breakouts that occur on various parts of the skin and your back and lumbar region is no exception to it. The main problem with this back acne is its hard-to-reach feature that you may not directly treat as you treat your face pimples.

The back scrubber for acne is the best solution to this problem that provides the dual-sided design with exfoliating and massaging features. This design makes sure to keep all the acne-creating bacteria away from the skin and makes it revived and rejuvenated.

The best feature of these scrubbers is their lengthy handles that enable you to scrub your skin with complete ease and quickness in your shower cubicles. This article provides you with intense knowledge about these best scrubbers for back acne!

Best Back Scrubber For Acne: Our Top Picks

Out of various products available in the market, We’ve picked the 5 best back scrubbers for acne and made an in-depth discussion about their features, pros, and cons!

1. Best Overall: Oceans Edge 11 Silicone Back Scrubber

best back scrubber for acne

Oceans Edge 11 Silicone Back Scrubber contains all the features and benefits that the product can hold to become unique in the market! This best back scrubber for acne has a dual-sided design that ensures utmost cleansing and rejuvenating benefit to your skin.

One side of the scrubber has closely arranged, longer, and highly comfortable food-grade silicone bristles. These soft bristles do gentle exfoliation to zap out the dead skin cells and accumulated dirt and debris.

The other side is featured with hemispherical dots that pamper up your skin with gentle massage. It also helps to enhance blood circulation that again makes your skin healthy and energetic.

The material of this scrubber is remarkable with its high-quality, hypoallergenic silicon that keeps the chances of bacteria and microbes build-ups away. It is rather easy and quick to wash and dry which makes even your after-usage routine hurdle-free.

This best back scrubber for acne has two handles at either ends that you can easily hold and cleanse your entire back at the single-go in your shower. It is also easy to store this product by just hanging over.

This scrubber also has multi-application that you can use for cleansing and rejuvenating your skin on hands, legs, and other external parts. It even helps to relax and enhance your mood with skin-pampering benefits. The usage of this scrubber with body creams or lotions shall rather yield mesmerizing freshness results.

Oceans Edge 11 Silicone Back Scrubber is available in three different hues of blue, purple, and teal that you can select yours’ based on your preference!


  • High-quality, food-grade silicone that stays extremely safe for use on your skin.
  • Easy and quick cleaning and drying feature with hypoallergenic benefit.
  • Dual-sided design with soft bristles on the side for exfoliating and dots on another side for massaging.
  • Ensures deep cleaning of the skin against dirt, debris, and dead skin cells.
  • Improves the blood circulation level and makes the skin energetic and rejuvenated.
  • Sufficient length makes the scrubbing process extremely easy during the shower.
  • Has two handles for easy handling and usage.
  • Has the highest durability that maintains the true shape of the product for a longer period.


  • The bristles may hold the soap or cleaning liquid if not properly cleaned.
  • Bristles may be slightly rough on certain skin.

2. Best Washable: Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber

best back scrubber for acne

Rejuvenate your back skin with a customized, dual-sided back scrubber of Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber! This back scrubber has a textured, loofah-like surface on one side that gently exfoliate the skin against dead and dull skin cells. The other side is featured with a smooth microfiber texture that gently massages and revitalizes the cleansed skin.

These two sides of the scrubber make sure your back skin is intensively cared for and treated. It stays best for lathering your back with lotions or creams that make your skin smile with fresh joy and energy. It again has handles at either side of the scrubber that you can easily handle and use for scrubbing your back during the shower and hanging it after usage.

This best back scrubber for acne has a sufficient length of 30 inches that you can clean your entire back in a single go. It is a cloth-like material that stays soft and gentle yet active on your skin. It has a machine-washable and quick-drying feature that keeps your product away from germs and microbes build-up.

Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber has high durability that the product retains its true nature for a prolonged period without sinking or losing its shape. Using this scrubber twice or thrice per week by following weekly laundry sessions ensures healthy and clean skin.


  • Highly durable cloth-like material that makes your purchase valid.
  • Has a dual-sided design with a loofah-like surface for exfoliating and gentle microfiber texture for massaging and revitalizing.
  • Has two handles with sufficient length that make the usage easy, effective, and hurdle-free.
  • Machine-washable and quick-drying make the maintenance process extremely cool.
  • This soft and gentle fabric-like texture is highly suitable for sensitive skin.


  • The size may tend to be too large for short or average women.
  • The threads on the rough side may start coming off if used roughly.

3. Best Budget-Friendly: Pretty See Silicone Body Brush

best back scrubber for acne

Here comes the next best, remarkably soft scrubber with Pretty See Silicone Body Brush that takes intense care of your skin with a gentle scrubbing process. It is made of high-quality, skin-friendly, and odorless silicone that stays a perfect fit to use on your delicate skin.

It has a dual-sided design with soft silicone bristles on one end that gently exfoliate and zap out the dead skin cells and cylindrical touch points on the other side that massage the exfoliated skin and improve the blood flow level.

Using this scrubber with body wash or lotions ensures optimum lather and makes sure that your back skin is thoroughly cleansed against dirt, excess sebum, clogged pores, etc., and rejuvenated with fresh energy.

This best back scrubber for acne is featured with a long handle of about 15 inches that you can reach even the hard-to-reach skin parts quickly and comfortably. It also has an easy-washing and quick-drying process that makes your after-use cleaning process hurdle-free. It prevents the accumulation of germs and microbes on the brush with its quick-drying structure.

Pretty See Silicone Body Brush is available in blue, green (two shades), and pink colors that you can select yours based on your taste. It is an affordable scrubber with a reasonable price that you shall never have to create a long-term budget on this product!


  • Affordable scrubber that ensures clean and rejuvenated skin with complete ease and comfort.
  • Contains a two-sided design with soft bristles for exfoliating and round heads for massaging and reviving the skin.
  • Lengthy handle that enables you to reach every inch of your back easily.
  • Available in multiple colors that offer you a wide choice.
  • Easy-washable and quick-drying feature that keeps the germs away.
  • The multi-purposive product that you can also use on hands, legs, and other body parts.


  • The 15-inches length may tend to be quite short for certain users.
  • The bristles may be too soft that it does not exfoliate certain skin types with shower gels.

4. Most Versatile: Weiken Silicone 360° Back Scrubber

best back scrubber for acne

Weiken Silicone 360° Back Scrubber is again the dual-sided best back scrubber for acne that takes flawless care of not only your back skin but also your hands, legs, scalp, and other body parts!

It has super-soft, skin-friendly silicone bristles with 360 degree rotating and tilting heads on one side that ensures optimum exfoliating and cleansing process of your skin. These rotating heads gently scrub out the dead and dull skin cells and revitalize them with fresh energy. Its rotating and tilting feature enables the scrubber to reach even the hard-to-treat skin areas.

The other side of the scrubber contains the collection of small, harder, and bumpier massaging heads that do gentle massaging of the skin. It helps to improve blood circulation, distribute fat accumulations, reduce cellulitis and release metabolic wastes and toxins. This part of the brush takes overall care of your skin and makes it healthy!

This best back scrubber for acne is made of high quality, 100% environment, and skin-friendly silicone product that does magic on your skin. It tends to be of comfortable size with wavy handles and 15 inches long that stays uniquely fit and non-slippery on your hands.

It has high durability that shall withstand any water temperature right from cold to hot raging between 14°F to 194°F. It has an easy-to-wash and quick-to-dry feature that you can clean this scrubber within a matter of minutes after usage. It also prevents germs build-ups.


  • Handy and easy-to-use scrubber with bristles on one end for scrubbing and massaging points on another end for enhancing skin health.
  • Can be used with shower gels or lotions for in-depth cleaning results.
  • Extreme versatile feature with 360 degree rotating and tilting heads
  • Multi-purposive that shall be used on hands, legs, back, scalp, etc.
  • High-durability with hot and cold temperature withstanding benefit.
  • Environment and skin-friendly soft and gentle brittles work miraculously on the skin.
  • Convenient and non-slippery handling of the product.


  • The brush may not hold the soap and frequent reapplications may be required.
  • Reaching the mid and lower back areas is very difficult with this handy design.
  • Too soft bristles may not ensure optimum cleansing on certain skin types.

5. Most Comfortable: Voda Reve Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber

best back scrubber for acne

Voda Reve Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber ensures an extremely gentle and smooth approach on your sensitive and delicate skin with deep-cleansing benefit. It is again a back scrubber with a dual-sided design that is made of premium-quality cotton fabrics.

One side of the scrubber is designed with a textured, loofah-like surface that scrubs out the dead and dull skin cells, excess sebum, dirt, cellulitis, etc. The other side is featured with a smooth-textured surface that gently massages and deep-cleanse sensitive skin. This site enhances the health of the skin with improved blood circulation.

This best back scrubber for acne is featured with handles on either side of the scrubber that you can easily hold and scrub your entire back in the single go and easily hangover it on the hanger once you are done.

It has 35 inches long that provides optimum coverage to your entire back. You can also use this scrubber with shower gels or lotions for getting intensively treated results. This scrubber ensures optimum durability that it never loses its shape after various uses and washes.

Voda Reve Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber also has easy to wash and quick to dry features that you can just rinse off the scrubber and hang it to dry. It dries quickly that prevents the accumulation of microbes and germs on the surface.


  • Dual-sided design with exfoliating and massaging features on either side.
  • High-quality, optimum durability product with soft and gentle cotton fabrics.
  • Has handles on either side for easy and hurdle-free usage.
  • Sufficient length that ensures full coverage on the back in the single go.
  • Easy washing and quick drying that make the after-use maintenance process easy.
  • Keeps the scrubber away from germs and bacteria build-ups.


  • May have a hard-to-fold issue.
  • The soaps and gels may get a hold of the surface when not cleansed carefully.

How To Choose The Best Back Scrubber For Acne

All the above-discussed products are best with remarkable features. So, considering the following criteria will aid you in selecting the right product that best suits your personal preference and requirements!

Choose The Right Scrubber Material 

The scrubbers are highly classified under silicone and microfiber materials that shall effectively exfoliate and revive the skin. Both these materials have unique benefits and features and you can select the type based on the nature and sensitivity of your skin!

Silicone material

The scrubbers that are made of high-quality, skin-friendly silicone material promise optimum exfoliation benefit than the coarse brushes. It feels extremely gentle on the normal skin types and makes the after-use cleaning and drying process easier. It obliterates the residues of the cleansing gel off the scrubber and prevents the germs build up. But, this material may feel harsh or hurtful on sensitive and delicate skin types.

Microfiber material

Scrubbers with microfiber material feel heavenly on the sensitive skin type and scrubs out the dead layer with an ultra-soft loofah-like surface. It shall never hurt the skin and feels flexible on the skin than the silicone scrubbers.

But the bottleneck of this type is that the residues of the cleansing product are hard to remove and a more careful after-use wash is required to keep the scrubber away from build-ups.

Thus, if you are the one with a normal skin type, you can go for silicone material. But, the sensitive and delicate skin types shall enjoy high results with microfiber material.

Ease Of Use

Exfoliating the back skin requires a specialized product with the easy-to-handle property. Such ease-of-use property mainly depends on the following two features of the scrubber!

Reachable To All Areas 

The palm-holding or short-handled scrubbers may lead to a complicated cleansing process as it leads you to strain on reaching the lower and mid-back regions.

So, select the back scrubbers with optimum length and coverage to enjoy easy and hurdle-less exfoliation on even hard-to-reach zones.

Easy Grip

Go for the scrubbers featured with non-slipping handles or ridges that stay uniquely grip on your hands throughout the skin-treating sessions.

The scrubbers with handles on either side are rather best with such a firm-gripping feature. They prevent the slipping incident than handling lengthy ridges or palm-holding scrubbers.


All the products listed here are credited with high sustainability that your scrubbers shall never lose their true shape for a prolonged period when used with proper care. In particular, microfiber scrubbers has still more sustainability than silicone scrubbers.


Back acnes are the crucial yet hard-to-treat skin problem that requires a special product for ensuring deep cleaning and revitalizing benefits. The back scrubbers for acne are such unique products that zap out the dull skin layers with the gentle yet coarse-textured surface and massage and invigorate the epidermis with softly-pointed heads.

Now, you can understand your preferences and select a suitable back scrubber to enjoy healthy and glowing back skin!

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