6 Best Boy Brow Dupes For 2022

best boy brow dupe

The main segment that furnishes such a daring, enhanced, and alluring look on the face is our eyebrows! The full, lengthy, thick, and perfectly shaped eyebrows are really the captivating ones that best frame your face and eyes and make you stand unique among thousands of women around you!

But, in practice, not all of you might have such brows naturally, and the usage of heavy eye make-ups daily is not feasible for all. Here comes the perfect solution with boy brow dupes that highly define, shape, and boost the radiance with bold tints!

The boy brow dupes are generally available as a brow gel or brow mascara that makes the application process more convenient and effective. For those who suffer from thin and scant brows, the brow dupes fills-in and makes the brows dense and complete. They tame the freaky hairs and shapes the brows in an alluring style instantly.

Just continue reading this article to update yourself with the complete features and benefits of best boy brow dupes!

Best Boy Brow Dupes Reviewed

To make your selection process more precise and convenient, this article explains the 6 best boy brow dupes available in the market with their features, pros, and cons!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Tinted Brow Gel

Boy Brow Dupe

For uplifting the look and radiance of your brows with a touch of tinted glow and natural-looking finish, Anastasia Beverly Hills – Tinted Brow Gel is a remarkable product! This boy brow dupe is featured with chamomile extract that best conditions and improves the brow’s appearance.

If you are the one with thin, unruly, scant brows, then this product provides a head-turning result! Its lightweight, gel-like, non-greasy formula sets the brows in place for a long-lasting period. It furnishes the look of thicker and fuller brows naturally.

The tinted formula provides an added radiance to the brows for your party times! There are about seven varieties of shades available, and you can select yours based on your occasion and preference.

The presence of light-reflecting pearls boosts the dimension of the brows that makes them look fuller and complete. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Tinted Brow Gel shall never feel heavy nor look weird on the brows. Even the removal process is not tough with this product!


  • Makes the brows thick and complete.
  • It conditions the tangled and unruly brows for a better finish.
  • Gel-like formula set the brows flexibly for a long-lasting period.
  • It ensures a natural-looking complexion.
  • Tinted shades and light-reflecting pearls add extra radiance to the brows.
  • Available in different shades.
  • Easy-to-remove the feature.


  • The liquid colors may vary from the picture.
  • The gel may create a shimmering look on the brows initially.
  • The brush may create some difficulties on application.

2. Maybelline Brow Drama

Boy Brow Dupe

Maybelline Brow Drama is again a best boy brow dupe that furnishes a highlighted radiance and mesmerizing perfection to the brows with its tinted shades and dramatic finish!

This product mainly tames, molds, and sets unruly brows for a better appearance. The wand with a curved brush ensures easy and precise application of the merchandise with no difficulties. It enhances the shape of the brows and makes it look complete for a long-lasting period!

Maybelline Brow Drama is available in 4 different shades for getting a varied feel on different occasions. This boy brow dupe shall neither create lumps nor flakiness. Its rich consistency ensures a smooth, comfortable, and evenly-applied finish and aids in the better holding of the brows for 12-straight hours with no blemishes.


  • Easy-to-apply feature with no hurdles.
  • Blends well with the brows and furnishes a natural radiance.
  • Tinted shades boost the dimension of the brows.
  • Tames the unruly brows and shapes them for an enhanced and fuller look.
  • Ensures the long-lasting, blemish-less result for 12 long hours.
  • Furnish smooth and evenly-applied finish.


  • May create dark patches on the skin around brows.
  • The shade may look lighter on certain skin tones.
  • It may not play well on thin and sparse brows.

3. NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

Boy Brow Dupe

If you are looking for the boy brow dupe that could highly tame your extremely freaky brows and furnish an alluring arch shape with complete ease, NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eyebrow Gel could be your choice!

This product has a clear, non-sticky, and easy-to-use formula that goes well with all your brow powder and pencil. It provides an instant brow-perfecting result with head-turning radiance.

If the thin and scant is your brow type, NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eyebrow Gel with its tinted feature shall highly fill-in the brows and furnish a bold, ultra-dark, thick appearance instantly.

This product has a unique advantage in taming and shaping the tangled, unruly brows! A single streak best separates and enhances the curls of the brows for a long-lasting period. This boy brow dupe blends well with the brows and leaves no residue.


  • Multi-beneficial product that best tames, shapes, fills, and tints the brows for an enhanced bold appearance.
  • Fills-in the thin and scanty brows for a thick and complete appearance.
  • Best tames the freaky brows and provides a well-shaped, perfect look for a long-lasting period.
  • The tinted feature makes the brows look bold and eye-catching.
  • Blends well with the brows instantly and creates no weird appearance.


  • The gel may create lumps or white flakes when it dry.
  • The merchandise may get peeled-off after some hours of application.

4. Queen Of The Fill Tinted Gel Makeup 

Boy Brow Dupe

Are you looking for a boy brow dupe that can provide a unique charm to your brows with its bold shades? Yes, Queen Of The Fill Tinted Gel Makeup is one such unique product that makes your brows bold and complete in a single streak!

This product is available in 5 different shades for making your occasions more distinct and colorful! Its intense shades provide a deep sparkle to your brows and camouflage the presence of imperfections.

The problem of thin and scant brows can be instantly removed with the presence of film-forming polymer technology. This system makes the brows look full and bouncy. It fill-ins and provide the appearance of extra-thick brows naturally.

The wand with an easy-to-use bristle makes the application process convenient, pointed, quick, and error-free. It detangles and sets the brows in perfect arch shape for boosting its allure! The gel contains the smudge, water, and sweat-resistant feature that ensures the prolonged result with no imperfections.


  • Make the brows dark and bold for an improved appearance.
  • Detangles and sets the brows instantly.
  • Fills-in and make the scant brows look complete.
  • Prolongs the longevity of the result with its unique formula.
  • Has an easy-to-use applicator.
  • Available in varied shades.


  • May clump the brows rarely.
  • The coverage may not be sufficient that the sparse brows may not be treated as promised.

5. Covergirl Easy Breezy Brow

Boy Brow Dupe

Here comes the next boy brow dupe with Covergirl Easy Breezy Brow that best highlights and shapes the brows with utmost perfection!

This product contains a gel-like texture that goes well with the brows and furnishes naturally defined, bold brows instantly. Its rich consistency ensures an even and easy-to-apply, day-long result with no smudges or blemishes.

The presence of the mousse formula sets the brows in a perfect shape. The thin and curved applicator detangles the freaky brows and lengthens them for a full, thick, and lengthy appearance. It makes them look complete!

Covergirl Easy Breezy Brow provides five unique shades with deep tints for your choice! You may pick your shade and enjoy natural-looking, ultra-perfect brows instantly! It ensures an error-free finish when used with brow pencil or powder.


  • Competitive product on defining and shaping the brows.
  • Provides instant yet long-lasting and error-free results.
  • Furnish bold-colour to your brows.
  • Sets the brows and gives a complete look to it.
  • Convenient-application wand.


  • The mascara-like brush may create clumps and an unnatural appearance.
  • The consistency tends to be quite sticky.

6. Essence Make Me Brow

Boy Brow Dupe

Essence Make Me Brow plays the best role in defining your brows with mesmerizing, natural-looking tints. The presence of tiny fibers best fill-in the brow gaps and furnish a thick and fuller appearance.

This best boy brow dupe has an easy-to-use applicator that effectively tames the brows and sets them in a most-desirable shape. It separates and holds the brows that result in a lengthy, bold, and complete look for a long-lasting period!

The gel is available in three different shades that you may select yours based on your preference! It has a rich consistency that ensures easy-to-apply, smudge-free features.


  • Highly defines and shapes the brows.
  • The presence of tiny fibers makes the brows bouncy, thick and full.
  • Tames the unruly brows and sets them in a perfect shape.
  • Makes the brows bold with rich tints.
  • Has an easy-to-apply feature.


  • A liquid-like consistency may make the application process quite hard.
  • May create clumps on the brows.
  • It may not be so effective on too sparse brows.


Eyebrows are the crucial part that enhances the overall appearance of the face and eyes. The denser, bolder, and fuller brows are what you may always want to have. So, the boy brow dupe provides such head-turning, perfectly shaped brows instantly!

All the above-discussed brow gels and brow mascaras have the advantages of taming, defining, tinting, and filling the brows for an enhanced appearance. In particular, the NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eyebrow Gel tends to be a multi-featured and multi-beneficial product.

For getting an optimum result, you may always go for the shade that equals your natural brow shade or a bit darker one as it will ensure the best-blended result. You may apply it similar to how you use your mascara. Just an upward stroke of the brows with an applicator in an inside-out style shall provide a promising natural look!

Now, you may just decide on your brand and shade based on their pros and cons and enjoy head-turning results instantly!

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