5 Best Heated Eyelash Curler In 2022 [Buying Guide]

best heated eyelash curler

Right-framed eyes with deeply-curved lashes are the longing dreams of many women! The lengthy, voluminous, and fuller lashes uplift the look and liveliness of your face as a whole. But, in reality, the short, clumpy, and unattractive lashes are common among many women that they really want to get rid of.

Here comes the best solution with heated eyelash curler! It is an electronic device that helps to lengthen and define the lashes with perfectly made-up natural-looking curls. This device sets your lashes by applying the right and safe level of heat to the lash hairs. It highlighted benefit is its long-lasting result with a short time and effort.

For gaining more knowledge about the features of heated eyelash curler, this article works as a great guidance point!

Best Heated Eyelash Curler: Our Top Picks

Out of numerous products available in the market, this article discusses the 5 best heated eyelash curlers that stay unique with their features and benefits!

1. Best Overall: Chella Heated Eyelash Curler

best heated eyelash curler

Make your lashes alluringly full and lengthy with Chella Heated Eyelash Curler that does grooming without damaging! This best-heated eyelash curler has a comb-like wand with heated teeth that gently curl up your hairs and provide full-lengthened lashes that best frame your eyes.

It ensures safe and evenly distributed heating system that neither damage nor hurt your lashes. It has an easy-to-use feature that the device is perfect for the self and first-time users. You can use this wand just as you use your mascara.

Just start to brush your lashes with the heated teeth from the base and roll them tenderly in the upward direction. Make sure to press the heated teeth for 10 seconds, so that the heat can completely penetrate the hair and improve the lasting hours of the curls. Repeat the process on every segment of the lashes to get flawless results.

The best feature of this product is its long-lasting result. Once you make over your lashes, the result will remain with the same perfection throughout the day. This device works on a single AAA battery that comes along with the pack. It makes your curler heated up within 40-60 seconds and for having optimum heat, you can use it after 60 seconds.


  • A simple and easy-to-use device that stays apt for self and first-time users.
  • Effectively lengthen and curl up to furnish attractively fuller lashes.
  • A safe and gentle heating system that never damages your lashes while beautifying.
  • Promises optimum heat within a minute.
  • Available at a reasonable price.
  • The long-lasting result with alluring perfection.
  • Best for curling lashes after using mascara.


  • The battery life may not last long that frequent replacing may be required.
  • The brushing process may have to be repeated multiple times to achieve perfect curls. Thus, it is quite a time-consuming device than others that requires more of your patience and labor.

2. Best Rechargeable: Electric Eyelash Curler

best heated eyelash curler

If you are looking for an eyelash curler with high-tech features to enjoy incredibly deep and natural curls, JDO Electric Eyelash Curler can be a good shot! This best-heated eyelash curler is designed with a professionally designed curved and thermal protected wand with the 360-degree rotating feature that makes your curling process quick and flawless.

It has four adjustable modes of heating temperature that lies between 65℃ (149 ℉) and 95℃ (203 ℉) and you can fix your preferred heat just with the click of the button. The highest degree makes your curls fixed up for a long-lasting period. 

The presence of a memory-saving function saves the heat level you used last time for the forthcoming sessions that you need not constantly set your desired heat.

The device has an attractive LED screen that displays the heat level you are using that prevents the accident of inappropriate temperature. It also has a hidden display to show real-time temperature and battery level.

 It tends to be the quickest device that heats up to the maximum of the fixed degree in 8 short seconds. Its smart technology automatically switch-off the device after 5 minutes of switching on to prevent accidents due to forgetfulness.

The presence of widened heating wire of the wand curls more lash hairs per second and with its optimum heating technology, you can make your lashes fully and deeply curled faster than ever! Thus, the 5-minute design stays ample for the entire grooming session with these high-tech benefits.

The 3D Thermostat technology makes sure your eyes and eyelashes are always safe against accidental excess heat by regulating the heat level of the wand. It is a rechargeable device that you can easily make workable by charging it through USB wires. It has a handy design with high portability.


  • An attractive device with high-tech features and an LED display.
  • Four adjustable modes of temperature-setting.
  • Quick heat-up technology that you can use the device after 8 seconds of switching on.
  • Automatic power-off after 5 minutes to prevent accidents.
  • 3-D thermostat technology for safety measures.
  • 360-degree rotating wand for quick and flawless curling process.
  • Memory saver technology.


  • The high heat-up technology doesn’t work well after applying mascara as it may melt out the mascara and create messes.
  • It may not work on long lashes at times.

3. Best Budget-Friendly: TOUCHBeauty Heated Eyelash Curler

best heated eyelash curler

TOUCHBeauty Heated Eyelash Curler is again the best-heated eyelash curler with a heated clamp design that looks similar to traditional curlers. So, if you are a first-time user, you can use it just as easily as you use your normal curlers!

This device starts clamping the lashes to the perfectly curled, natural look once it gets heated. It ensures instant straightening and lifting of the hairs and makes your lashes mesmerizingly full and long. It also provides optimum heat that allows you to enjoy long-lasting curls with no baffles.

The presence of a silicon heating pad makes your session more safe and consistent. This pad provides even distribution of the safe-level heat that curls different segments of your lashes with a uniform look and speedy phase. It also protects your hairs against over-heating, burning, or damages that you can confidently use on your human lashes.

In this device, the changing color of the heating pad acts as an indicator of preheating level. The smart and temperature-sensitive silicon pad automatically changes its color once the device has attained the optimum heat.

It has an ergonomic design with the right shape and size that fits every nature of lashes. It has a handy and portable design that you can easily carry away with you anywhere. Using two AAA batteries ensures the best benefits of the device with quick warm-up benefits.


  • Safe and consistent styling of lashes with evenly distributed silicon heating pad.
  • More natural curls with long-lasting benefits.
  • The optimum size fits every shape and size of the lashes.
  • Temperature-sensitive silicone pad that easily indicates the preheat level.
  • Handy and portable device.
  • Safe-level heat that prevents damages to lashes.
  • It is available in two mesmerizing colors of red and purple.


  • It has no temperature indicators or LED screens to display the heat level.
  • The changing color of the pad may not be brightly visible at times.
  • The time duration taken for preheating tends to be comparatively longer.

4. Best For Long Lasting Effect: Acavado Heated Eyelash Curler

best heated eyelash curler

Enjoy the fast-ever, deeply-curled, and unimaginably long-lasting beauty with Acavado Heated Eyelash Curler! It has a blendable wand that ensures intense curling of every hair with eye-catching consistency. It allows you to reach all parts of your lashes in a quick and hurdle-free phase.

The wand is designed with deep, well-spaced grooves that get an appropriate hold of each hair to straighten and curl them up gently. It locks the full, deep, and naturally curly look to the lashes.

The presence of strip insulation groove design prevents the chances of overheating of the wand and damages to eyes and eyelids. It regulates the temperature throughout the session and obliterates the issues of burning or damages. It also has an auto shut-off feature that again adds up to the safety benefit of the device.

The wand is made of thermal conductive nickel-chromium alloy that promises fast and deep preheating within just 7 seconds that stays shorter than other competitive devices. It has two adjustable and safe temperature levels of 45-65 ℃ and 65-85 ℃ that you can choose yours based on your suitability. The high temperature ensures the best-extended result.

It is a rechargeable device that you can make lively through charging with a USB. It also has environment-friendly features with high portability. The use of a 3.7V lithium battery ensures longer battery life on every charging cycle.


  • Rapid preheat benefit that you need not wait longer for using it.
  • Two adjustable temperature controls with optimum heat levels.
  • Ensures natural and long-lasting curls.
  • Blendable wand with well-spaced grooves for deep and voluminous curls at a quick pace.
  • Highly safe product to use near eyes and eyelids with the presence of strip insulation groove design.
  • Long-lasting batteries with increased productivities.
  • Available in two lovely colors of pink and white.


  • The high-temperature wand may mess up the mascara when used immediately after applying it. So, make sure to use it once the mascara is fully dried up.
  • The blendable wand may require extra firm pressure to rightly hold and curl the lashes.
  • No temperature indicators.

5. Best For Lash Extensions: Zlime Electric Eyelash Curler 

best heated eyelash curler

Zlime Electric Eyelash Curler is a highly affordable heated eyelash curler that stays optimistically best for both human lashes and lashes extensions. It has two unique temperature settings of high and low that do gentle yet intense curling of the lashes with burning or damaging them.

The wand is composed of nichrome heating wire that ensures even and safe distribution of heat to use near the eyes. The presence of the ribbed design of the brush highly defines every single hair and perfectly curls them with a voluminous and consistent look. The ergonomic curved design of the head fits all shapes and sizes of the lashes and promises natural-looking lashes.

This best-heated eyelash curler has an LED temperature indicator light that smartly indicates you when your device is ready to use with its optimum preheat level. It is again a rechargeable device that works through USB charging.


  • Highly affordable product with best features.
  • Remarkable suit to groom up both human lashes and extensions.
  • Has two gentle temperature levels.
  • Featured with smart LED temperature indicator light.
  • Ensures even distribution of heat and has a safe-to-use feature for using it near eyes.
  • Well-defining wand for furnishing natural and voluminous curls.
  • Has an easy-to-clean feature.
  • Available in two colors of black and pink.


  • Quite a tough-to-hold handle that requires some practice for effective handling.

How To Choose The Best Heated Eyelash Curler

Though all the above-discussed products are best, you can choose your best-heated eyelash curler by considering the following crucial criteria!


The style and design of the curler head decide your curling process. In general, the heated eyelash curer has two heat-infused designs such as clamp and mascara-type wand. These designs work to lengthen and curl up your lashes to the right shape by applying optimum heat.

The clamp style design is similar to the traditional curler in which you simply place your lashes in the opening and press it close. The lashes get their shape by getting pressed along the heated pad.

The mascara-type wand is one where a wand is designed with well-shaped grooves or wires. You can just swipe your lashes upward with this heated wand from the middle to attain the natural-looking curls. Its process is similar to using your mascara.

This article has discussed the products of both types. Based on your preference and expertise, you can select yours. TOUCHBeauty Heated Eyelash Curler stays best for clamp-style curler and Acavado Heated Eyelash Curler has high features for wand-style curlers.


The battery type is the next crucial part to consider in planning heated curlers as it is the main part that makes your device workable. It can be of two types as rechargeable and disposable batteries.

The rechargeable batteries are long-standing and cost-efficient. It makes your device running for long hours and you shall never be at risk of halfway running out. These devices are recharged through USB cables and you need not spend constantly on replacing the batteries. Also, if you are a heavy and frequent user of this device, the rechargeable option is best.

The disposable battery is another type in which you need not spend hours and effort on putting your device to charge. You can simply use the battery to its optimum level and replace it with the new set once its life is over. But, it tends to be comparatively costly and it tends suited for once-in-a-while users or travelers who may not find a charging source.

From the rechargeable point, the JOD Electric Eyelash Curler can be the better option and for disposable batteries, Chella Heated Eyelash Curler can be a good shot.


The size of the device decides its portability. The small and handy electric eyelash curlers are the best and highly convenient for taking along your outings and vacations. Whereas, the medium-sized lashes shall play remarkable roles in residential usages. All the products listed in this article has high portability.


By using an electric eyelash curler, you are attempting to have the heat close to your eyes. So, the product that ensures safe-level temperature with insulating designs and temperature-regulating features is always the best to use near eyes and eyelids.

All the eyelash curlers discussed are credited with such safety measures that your lashes, lids, and eyes are never exposed to dangers and damages. JOD Electric Eyelash Curler and Acavado Heated Eyelash Curler has such highlighted safety benefits.


Grooming your eyelashes with a deep, voluminous, and curly look not only enhances the look of your eyes but also your entire face. The heated eyelash curlers are the products that aid you through attaining such alluring curly lashes within minutes.

For attaining the boosted-up look, you can use the curlers with mascara. For making your grooming process simple and attractive, first, curl your lashes with one of the above-discussed best heated eyelash curlers. Then, use your favorite mascara and boost the look and radiance of your curls.

Now make your eyes the limestone of wherever you go and enjoy the heroin-like feel with rightly curved lashes!

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