7 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions For 2022

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

No doubt tanned skin always looks gorgeous, attractive, and energetic than the pale, lifeless skin tones. It enhances the overall mood and enthusiasm of the women and imparts greater confidence in facing society.

In this case, sunlight tends to be the greater source for tanning the skin. But the outdoor tanning sessions often struggle with various problems such as non-availability of time for prolonged outdoor-tanning sessions, inadequate UV rays, sun rashes, and allergies, etc.

The indoor tanning session comes as the best alternative for facing these problems. In this case, the tanning process may take place in various methods such as indoor tanning beds, spray tanning sessions, etc. These tanning routines ensure the alluring tanned skin at a quicker pace.

The tanning lotions are a unique part of the indoor tanning system that decides the tan shade and overall appearance of the skin. The shades can vary from light caramel to dark chocolate shade, whose selection depends on skin tone.

The tanning lotions could be of different types such as bronzer, tingle lotion, cooling lotion, etc. Among these types, the bronzer is the most found feature in almost all the best indoor tanning lotions. This feature provides the intensely tanned result instantly, and its level varies from 10x to 30x.

This article describes the features of the best indoor tanning lotions, an optimum method of using them, their benefits, and other useful tips!

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions Reviewed

The cosmetic market is flooded with several tanning lotions. To provide a better and easier understanding, we’ve picked the seven best indoor tanning lotions and provided an in-depth discussion about each of the products along with their pros and cons! Just read it and explore its benefits!

1. California Tan Assorted Indoor Tanning Lotions

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

For experiencing the evenly tanned, mesmerizing skin tone, California Tan Assorted Indoor Tanning Lotions could be a remarkable option. This one of the best indoor tanning lotions provides extended tanned results along with rejuvenating the skin.

It contains 10 top assorted brands of indoor tanning lotions and bronzers as a wide choice for the user selection process. All of these products have rich quality and easy usability features. They have a soft and smooth texture and tend to apply evenly on the skin without creating tints or streaks.

These best indoor tanning lotions deeply-hydrates the skin and lock moisture for a long-lasting period. They provide perfect radiance and make the skin shine like a star. It gets absorbed by the skin quickly and makes the tanning process mess-free and strain-free.

As an add-on benefit, these tanning lotions also contain the skin-strengthening and energizing features. They highly tighten the skin and provides an optimum solution to the loose and sagged skin types. They ensure a healthy, young appearance to the skin.


  • Provides a wide basket of choice with the ten best tanning lotions.
  • Easy-to-use and gets applied evenly on the skin without creating tints.
  • Strain-free products that do not create a mess on the application.
  • Hydrates the skin deeply and provides the best glowing skin.
  • Provides a rejuvenated and tightened skin with its energy-boosting features.
  • Long-lasting results.


  • None

2. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

What do you think about having a dark-golden tan along with the benefits of coconut-driven skin benefits? Yes, Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion provides such outstanding features!

The presence of coconut, milk, coconut oil, and cocoa butter intensively hydrates the skin and provides the best glimmering effect. They again treat the loose and saggy skin and highly tighten and make the skin firm, young and energetic.

This best indoor tanning lotion contains the Quad Tyrosine Blend and MelanoBronze™ that deepen the tanning results by increasing the melanin production on the skin. They furnish alluring ultra-dark golden tanned shade to the skin quickly. The absence of bronzers ensures the streak-free and strain-free application.

If you are looking for a tanning lotion for your tattooed skin, Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion could be the best option as it contains a tattoo-fade and color-fade protector feature. This feature prevents the fading of tattoos and the tanning result for a long-lasting period.

The presence of tropical coconut with mild vanilla fragrance provides a relaxed mood on your tanning session!


  • Best hydrating and skin tightening benefits that treat loose and saggy skin.
  • Improves the melanin-level quickly and provides an alluring ultra-dark golden tanned shade.
  • Even-application without creating streaks and tints.
  • Make an application process easy and strain-free.
  • Tattoo-fade and color-fade proof that ensures prolonged tanning result without affecting tattoos.
  • Boast skin with coconut-driven nutrients.
  • Mind-relaxing fragrance.


  • It tends to have a comparatively thick consistency.
  • It does not contain SPF.
  • May create allergies and skin burns on certain skin types.
  • It may not provide a claimed tanning result for some users.

3. Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Plus Bronzer

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Plus Bronzer is one of the best indoor tanning lotions with its best skin-rejuvenating nutrients. This tanning lotion contains the benefits of Australian natural oils, vitamin A and vitamin E.

Its rich formula provides a natural, evenly-tanned result with deep-hydrating benefits that make the skin glow and shine without creating oily residue. Its nutrient features best softens and furnish a healthy and young appearance on its tanning process.

This one of the best indoor tanning lotions get absorbed by the skin easily and provides blemish-free, outstanding tan to the skin. It provides a natural tan result and tends to be the best-fit for fair skin.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Plus Bronzer is best not only for indoor tanning sessions but it provides the best result for outdoor tanning sessions as well. It has a cocoa dream scent along with a mild vanilla fragrance that makes the tanning session unique!


  • Best skin-energizing and hydrating features that soften and moisturize the skin deeply.
  • Provides young, rejuvenated, and naturally-tanned skin.
  • Gets absorbed by the skin easily and ensures even application.
  • Best suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Has a mild, relaxing fragrance.
  • A best-fit tanning lotion for those with fair skin.
  • Best quality product at a reasonable cost.


  • Some users may not find the fragrance pleasing.
  • Not recommended for using on the clean, bare skin.
  • The tanning result may not be attained instantly in some cases.

4. European Gold Flash Black 200x Indoor Tanning Lotion

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Are you looking for the darkest tanning lotion for an extremely light or pale skin tone? European Gold Flash Black 200x Indoor Tanning Lotion could be a unique choice that ensures a remarkably dark, mesmerizing bronze-shade to your skin!

This one of the best tanning lotions contains outstanding skin-hydrating ingredients that lock the water-content from the root and furnish soft, smooth, and deeply-moisturized skin. They make the skin energetic and healthy.

This product contains a fine texture that gets absorbed easily by the skin and makes the application process easy and mess-free. It does not create streaks or strains on the tanning process. It provides an extremely dark, alluring shade with naturally even application.

European Gold Flash Black 200x Indoor Tanning Lotion contains a super-soft silicon application that provides a wonderful feel to the skin. It makes the skin silky-soft and provides a mesmerizing feel on touching it.

Its tattoo-enhancing feature improves the shine and life of the tattoo during the tanning process. It is again the best choice for those with tattooed skin.


  • Provides intense-dark tanning shade with an alluring look to the skin.
  • Best suited for pale and highly-fair skin types.
  • It has rich hydrating and skin-energizing features.
  • Has tattoo-enhancing features that improve the look of the tattoo during the tanning session.
  • It ensures even-application and easy-absorption benefits.
  • Its super soft silicon application provides a remarkably soft feel to the skin.
  • Available at a reasonable and affordable price.


  • It may not provide desirable benefits for darker skin tones.
  • It may not provide a promising dark tone on certain skin types.

 5. Supre – Snooki Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Don’t you think a tanning lotion with the best skin-conditioning and skin-tightening benefit is a blessing for a tanner? Yes, Supre – Snooki Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer is one such product with a blend of natural ingredients such as black walnut, henna, and DHA.

The presence of bronzer promises a deep and dark tanning shade on the skin, and it continues to deepen the darkness of the tan even after the tanning session on UV exposure. Its HyperDarkTM Tanning technology prepares the skin for significantly dark tanning results.

The presence of coconut oil and almond oil highly hydrates and conditions the skin and prevents skin dryness and dehydration. They make the skin well-moisturized and lock the skin with skin-rejuvenating nutrients that ensure healthy, soft, radiant, and tight.


  • Highly prepares the skin for rich and dark tanning results.
  • Provides ultra-dark tanned, golden shade to the skin and continues tanning even after the tanning session.
  • It provides an even and convenient application.
  • Best skin moisturizing and conditioning features that make the skin healthy, soft, firm, and radiant.
  • They boost the rejuvenating energy on the skin during its tanning session.
  • Contains a relaxing fragrance.
  • Creates no oil residue on the skin.


  • May create allergies on the skin, and patch testing can do the best.
  • May create an extra-dark shade that may not be suited for certain skin tones.
  • May gets faded-off comparatively quickly that may require constant reapplication.
  • Maybe quite thicker than other lotions.

6. Hempz Hydro Max Ultra Dark Maximizer Indoor Tanning Lotion

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Here comes the multi-purpose tanning lotion with Hempz Hydro Max Ultra Dark Maximizer Indoor Tanning Lotion that again contains the skin-nourishing benefits with intense tanning feature.

The presence of 100% natural hemp seed oil, yangu oil, apple seed extract, and other rich ingredients in the formula makes this product one of the best indoor tanning lotions.

This dark tan enhancer promises a rich and deep dark tanned result for a long-lasting period. It makes the skin prepared for the darker tanning session and gets absorbed easily into the skin. It ensures even, blemish-free application and prevents staining on usage.

The active ingredients deeply moisturize and condition the skin that removes the problem of skin dryness and dehydration. They lock the skin-rejuvenating and skin-tightening nutrients and provides the best solution for loose and saggy skin. The usage of this tanning solution ensures young, youthful, hydrated, nourished, and supple skin with perfect radiance.

The presence of antioxidants and fatty acids improves the skin’s protective barrier during the tanning process and protects the skin from external damages and pollutions. They repair the damaged skin cells and boost skin regrowth for an energetic, fresh appearance.


  • Multi-purpose tanning lotion that provides the intense dark, complete tanned result to the skin.
  • Best hydrates and conditions the skin.
  • Its skin-tightening features treats and prevent skin sagginess and ensures a firm, young glow.
  • Its antioxidants prevent the skin from damages and pollutions.
  • Creates no oily residue on the skin.
  • Gets absorbed easily and creates no tints or blemishes on application.
  • Contains stain-proof benefit.


  • May not comparatively produce effective tanning results on certain skin types.
  • Has a strong fragrance that may not be liked by all the users.
  • May create greasiness sometimes after usage.

7. Onyx Very Sexy Legs Indoor Tanning Lotion

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

What do you think about having an alluring chocolate-tanned result on the hard-to-tan body parts in just a single application? Yes, Onyx Very Sexy Legs Indoor Tanning Lotion is an outstanding product for such a tanning experience!

This one among the best indoor tanning lotions has a list of unique ingredients in its formula such as aloe vera, green tea, mango extract, algae extract, jojoba oil, citrus Aurantium, chamomile extract, and others.

These active ingredients make this product a powerful bronzing and tanning lotion that penetrates deep into the skin and ensures a rich, attractively darker tan for a long-lasing period. The presence of a warming tingle effect furnishes a highly-tanned result to even hard-to-tan body parts on a single application.

This product ensures deep-hydration benefit and removes the problem of skin dryness and flakiness. Its multi-nutrient formula provides healthy and plump skin during the tanning process and removes the problem of skin looseness. This feature helps to attain an energetic, soft, and youthful radiance to the skin.

Its formula highly soothes and reduces skin inflammation and relaxes the skin. It improves the skin’s melanin production level and prevents the creation of skin irritation during the tanning process.

Thus for encouraging the overall appearance of the skin along with locking the best skin-treating nutrients and getting intensely tanned results on a single streak, Onyx Very Sexy Legs Indoor Tanning Lotion could be a wise selection!


  • Best hydrating and skin-conditioning features that make the skin plump and energetic.
  • Highly soothes the skin inflammations and prevents the creation of irritations during the tanning process.
  • Naturally improves the skin’s melanin level for a darker, chocolaty tanned result.
  • Locks rich nutrients on the skin for furnishing a healthy, energetic, and radiant glow.
  • Ensures quicker tanning results for a long-lasting period.
  • Treats and prevents the appearance of cellulite.


  • May create skin dryness on certain skin types.
  • May not at times produces effectively dark tanning result on fair skin tones.

How To Use An Indoor Tanning Lotion

Now you might have gained sufficient knowledge about the best indoor tanning lotions available in the market with their features. But the inappropriate use of however best tanning lotion may provide either zero or negative results on your skin!

So for getting an optimum tanned result from the chosen tanning lotion, consider the following usage procedure!

1. Prepare Your Skin

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Before starting the tanning session, it is always best to exfoliate your skin as it will slough off the dead and dry skin cells. This skin-repairing process prevents the skin peeling and the creation of streaks and patches after the tanning session.

It is also recommended to shave-off the hair before the session as it will avoid the accumulation of lotion around the hair follicles. It prevents the creation of bronze patches on the skin.

Remember to wash your skin and pat it dry just before the tanning session. It ensures the deeper penetration of the merchandise on the skin and furnishes a promising result.

2. Using Appropriate Quantity

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

The usage of an extremely high quantity of merchandise may lead to the over-tanned, and extremely less quantity provides no-result at all.

Before you start with the application, take a sufficient amount of lotion for the full coverage of the desired body parts. Understand that the dry skin may require an excessive quantity of merchandise than the moist skin as it may not take-in much UV light.

But keep in mind that the excess usage of lotion on the face may lead to an overly-dark, weird appearance. So, use a minimum quantity around eyes, nostrils, and other facial parts. Give extra care for bronzers as it may provide intensely darker tan instantly.

3. Apply It In Circular Motion

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

The correct application ends with the right result. So once you have decided on quantity, you may start applying it on the skin in a circular motion.

Ensure even application of the merchandise for preventing the creation of tints and dark patches by continuing skin massaging in a circular motion until the body part gets covered and absorbed by the lotion. 

4. After-Application Process

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Once your application process gets completed, you may leave the skin undisturbed for 5-10 minutes. It allows the lotion to penetrate deep into the skin and get dried.

After that, you may have to wash your palms, in-between fingers, and nail tips with soap. It prevents the over-tanning of hands and the creation of an unusual appearance.

5. Wash The Skin

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

For getting the best-tanned result out of tanning lotion, you may leave it on the skin overnight and wash your body with a mild body wash in the morning to remove it.

But if you are using a tanning lotion with bronzers, you may soak your body with body wash just after a few hours!

6. Skin Moisturizing

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Now you might have attained a best-tanned result with a mesmerizing glow. The use of skin-moisturizer yet provides a better radiance and complete look to the skin! It also helps to relax and soothes the skin!

What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Tanning? 

Now, you might wonder about the uniqueness and purpose of indoor tanning sessions over the outdoor beach-tanning process. So, to provide you with a clear understanding, we’ve outlined the certain benefits of indoor tanning sessions!

1. Time Factor

Time is the most important reason behind indoor tanning. Not that all the users may have sufficient time to lay in front of the sun and get tanned.

So, indoor tanning could be the best solution for those who prefer quick and flexible tanning sessions. Comparatively, the indoor tannings could be done faster than the outdoor sessions, and it could be done at any hours of the day.  

2. Enhances The Mood

The indoor tanning sessions provide a much quicker, evenly tanned, bronze-shade to the skin. This feature improves the mood and self-esteem of the users that cheers-up their day!

3. Reduces The Chances Of Skin Cancer

In indoor tanning, the tanning is mainly done through tanning beds and spray tan machines. Here the over-exposure of skin to direct sunlight is completely prevented and this greatly minimizes the chances of skin cancer.

4. Source Of Vitamin D

The indoor tanning system virtually improves the Vitamin D level of the body. For those who live in colder regions, where there may not be sufficient sunshine, the indoor tanning session could be the best solution.

If you are more allergic to UV rays penetration, this system could be the best solution for your vitamin D production.

5. Balances Skin Moisture Level

By using an appropriate indoor tanning lotion, it is highly possible to maintain and improve the moisture level of the skin than the outdoor tanning sessions. You may note that all of the above-discussed tanning lotions are packed with sufficient skin-moisturizing benefits.

6. Appropriate Tan Shade

The tanning lotions are generally available in varied shades in the market. You may choose the shade that is more appropriate to your skin tone and enjoy the desired, well-suited tanning result!

7. Prevention Against Sun Damage

Apart from skin cancer, there are also other short-comings of having outdoor tanning sessions such as sunburns, rashes, allergies, etc. These sun damages could be completely prevented by under-going indoor tanning sessions.


Getting an evenly-tanned, gorgeous bronze-skin is the main focus of many women. One best solution to attain such mesmerizing tanned skin in an indoor tanning process.

The major part that decides the outcome of the indoor tanning session is the tanning solution. These solutions are available in different shades and brands out of which 7 best indoor tanning lotions are deeply discussed in this article.

You might very well understand that all of the above-discussed products are multi-featured with the best moisturizing and skin-rejuvenating benefits. The only difference between these products is the inclusion of ingredients in them.

Note that certain ingredients included in these products may create allergies or irritation on your skin. So, have a clear idea about the ingredients list of a product before choosing it.

It is always recommended to have a patch test on the skin before having complete usage. You may do a patch test of the tanning lotion on the legs or hands to understand their suitability to your skin type and tone.

It is a well-known fact that the indoor tanning process is about exposing yourself to the UV rays emitted from the tanning machines. So, it is always recommended to use the best tanning goggles to protect the eyeballs from the damage of UV rays.

So, identify your product based on your requirement and its suitability and enjoy a head-turning tanned skin!

Yogeshwari Ramadass

Yogeshwari Ramadass

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