7 Best Professional Spray Tan Machine [Buying Guide]

Best Professional Spray Tan Machine

Getting an evenly-tanned, gorgeous caramel hue on the skin is the main desire for many women. The tanned skin improves the attractiveness and confidence level to a greater extent. But the exposure of skin to the sun radiance during the tanning sessions may create harmful impacts on skin health.

The over-penetration of sun radiance on the skin may result in skin cancer, overly tanned skin appearance, sunburns, sun allergies, etc. The natural tanning system may also require an extended tanning session for getting the desired tanned results. Often the natural tanners may face uneven tanning problems and the presence of tanning streaks on the skin.

There comes the best solution with spray tan machines that overcome these tanning short-comings. The best professional spray tan machine provides perfect tan shade to the body with no tanning patches or streaks. It ensures an even-toned, smooth tanning result with the desired level of tan hue at a comparatively faster pace.

The best professional spray tan machine tans only on the upper layer of the skin and does not affect the lower skin layer. It prevents the skin from tanning damages such as skin cancer, the creation of crumpled skin, and others.

So, the spray tan machines could be used for both personal tanning routines at home and saloon purposes! This article discusses different spray tan machines available in the market along with their pros and cons!

What Is A Professional Spray Tan Machine & How Do They Work? 

Naturally, any advancement that overcomes the negative impacts tends to be welcomed in the beauty world. As discussed-earlier, spray tanning is one such advancement over the natural tan to overcome the limitations of sun radiance. Now, are you wondering about what a spray tan machine is all about and how it operates?  

The best professional spray tan machine is one that tends to be highly effective and best satisfies your requirements. Generally, the spray tan machines are used to evenly and consistently spray a tanning lotion over the body. This tanning lotion can provide a tanned result for 5-7 days on the skin.

The harmless and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved chemical called dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA, is the tanning lotion that is used to simulate tan in the artificial tanning system. On application, the DHA will react with dead skin cells and darken the skin temporarily to provide a bronze shade to the skin.

It is important to understand that there are different types of spray tan machines available in the market based on their air compressors and speed of tanning. So to help you with a better understanding, this article discusses the outline of basic categories of professional spray tan machines! 

1. High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Machine

The High Volume Low Pressure machine is considered the best professional spray tan machine and used in the majority of tanning parlors and saloons. These machines have leak-proof guns that spray consistent merchandise over the skin. It provides easy and quick applications and is best suited for inexperienced spray tan artists.   

2. Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) Machine

The Low Volume Low Pressure machine is one that uses lower pressure on spraying tan lotion than HVLP. In this type, the spraying pattern can be modified as per the tanners’ requirements. This tanning machine ensures much-limited wastage and efficiently avoid over-spraying problems.

Best Professional Spray Tan Machine Reviewed

Now, you might have gained sufficient knowledge about the broad categories of spray tan machines available on the market. Based on the speed-preference and budget-level, you may decide your spray tan machine category. The efficiency of handling these machines and their noise level also plays an important task in the decision process!

So, to aid you with the selection of the best professional spray tan machine, we’ve made an in-depth discussion about the seven best professional spray tan machines highlighting their unique features, benefits, their budget-level, and limitation!

1. MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Mobile Spray Tanning System With Tent

Best Professional Spray Tan Machine

As the name suggests, MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Mobile Spray Tanning System With Tent is the best professional spray tan machine for at-home, mobile, and salon tanning sessions. This product kit provides portable, easy-to-carry equipment that ensures pro tanning results.

This product has a single-stage 300-watt turbine that provides improved tanning productivity and ensures about 10+ tanning applications per day. It consists of a 6.5-inch air hose that tends to be sufficiently stretchable along the body length.

The kit contains an air spray head along with three 5oz cups and two lids. The wide base of the cups ensures sufficient backup of the solution for the tanning session. It provides the Tampa Bay Tan Premium Solution in three bottles with different tan hue shades. This product can also work best with other professional tanning solutions.

Its spray gun is featured with an adjustable nozzle that can be tilted vertically and horizontally for the complete tan result. This facility enables the tanners to ensure that the tanning solution reaches every corner of the body. Its nozzle releases a fine mist of solution in high volume low pressure format, while also preventing the chances of clogging.

For ensuring a clean and stain-proof tanning session, the kit also includes a portable, extra-large pop-up tent. It is available in two different colors of black and brown.

Thus this best professional spray tan machine is highly recommended for having hurdle-free convenient tanning sessions. It tends to be a more simplified tool for beginners and is provided with various adjustable features.

This tanning machine is certified by CE, EU, and ECAL. All the components in the kit are light-weight and portable with the best features and quality that ensure professional results. It provides a detailed instruction sheet for a better understanding of the product.


  • Highly efficient product for mobile and home-based tanning sessions.
  • Contains multiple portable and adjustable tanning products for getting pro tan results.
  • Adjustable spray nozzles for improved reachability of the solution.
  • Ensures 10+ tanning sessions per day.


  • Leakage of the solution is possible.
  • The folding of the tent may be harder after use.
  • The tanning solution may not be suited for all skin tones.
  • Comparatively an expensive product.

2. Norvell Sunless Kit – M1000 Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine

Best Professional Spray Tan Machine

Here comes the best professional spray tan machine with Norvell Sunless Kit – M1000 Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine that ensures remarkable tan result. This professional product best suits for in-home, mobile, and professional salon tanning sessions.

As the name suggests, it contains an M1000 HVLP spray system that ensures the optimized spraying technology for even application of tanning solution. The product kit contains a spray tanning machine, spray gun, and easy-connecting hose. The adjustable spray pattern ensures the spraying of the right amount of merchandise without creating tints or over-spraying.

Its kit contains an 8oz tanning solution in three different shades of Dark, Venetian, and Cosmo Lite, that suits the different skin tones. These solutions provide the best bronze hue to the skin that lasts up to one week. They are free from parabens and other harmful chemicals that may affect the skin.

 Its solutions are filled with anti-oxidants and micro-nutrient technology that boost the strength and texture of the skin during tanning sessions. The active ingredients ensure skin brightening, relaxing, and moisturizing benefits. 

This tanning machine is best for getting the desired tan finish to the skin with its chrome control panel and adjusting features. It is a light-weight product along with shoulder straps and a carrying handle that makes it easily portable for mobile salons.


  • Best recommended professional product for an optimized tan result.
  • Provides different shades of tannin solution with odor-control and vitamin-boasted technology.
  • Highly adjustable features for the desired tan result.
  • Easy-to-carry, portable product.


  • Expensive tanning machine.
  • May be hard for beginners to learn about the features.
  • Clogging of the spray gun is possible.

3. Bronze Tan Professional Spray Tan Machine Mobile HVLP Airbrush Tan Machine

Best Professional Spray Tan Machine

Bronze Tan Professional Spray Tan Machine Mobile HVLP Airbrush Tan Machine is the next best professional spray tan machine for mobile, salon, and at-home tanning process that uses the high volume low pressure technology.

This product has the technology of spraying a sufficient amount of merchandise at medium pressure that furnishes a smooth and evenly tanned finish without creating tints and streaks. For attaining the remarkably flawless, airbrushed caramel hue, this product is the best!

The kit of this product contains the tan machine, spray tan gun, an air hose, and tanning solution holding bottle for convenient and professional tanning sessions. It also provides the instruction sheets for a better understanding of product usage and convenient assembling of machine accessories.

This product is an easy-to-use and convenient-to-carry tanning machine. It tends to be compact and best suited for portable purposes. This professional-quality product plays its best role in both tan touch-ups and full-body tanning sessions.


  • Best technology for even coverage and tint-less spraying of solution.
  • Provides instructions with step-by-step guidance on product usage.
  • Easy-to-carry and easy-to-clean product.


  • The kit does not include a tanning solution.

4. Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit 

Best Professional Spray Tan Machine

Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit is the highly-recommended best professional spray tan machine with unique tanning technology. It ensures fast tanning sessions with a perfectly even and desired tanning finish.

The tan kit is designed with mesmerizing glossy-black surfaces that provide a high-end look to the products. It is one of the features that make this product demandable among tanning parlors.

Apart from its mien, this kit has the spray gun nozzle designed with adjustable and satin technology that ensures convenient, painless, and even-application of the tanning solution. The creation of tints and hazels are highly eradicated and the flow control option facilitates the spraying depth. It helps to attain the desired level and accent of the airbrush tan.

This product has an 11.5-inch air hose that ensures free movability and high flexibility. The tanning artist can do the tanning process without having to worry about the reachability of the air gun and can reach every corner of the body without complications.

The presence of a built-in filtration system prevents the chances of over-spraying or excess loss of tan solution. The secret filters are used to collect the excess tan solution and make the tanning process consistent and mess-free.

Its spray gun contains an attached liquid-containing cup and two extra cups with a lid for sufficient back-up of the merchandise. The kit includes an extra-large, pop-up tent for providing spill-resistant, mess-free tanning sessions along with desired privacy benefit.

This kit has a super-efficient turbine that ensures 25 applications per day. The turbine is designed with a single solution-cup holder for convenient portability. The kit contains a tanning solution in three different shades for matching different skin tones and desires.

Thus this product tends to be best suited for both self-tanners and salon purposes. It can provide the best results for both touch-ups and full-body tan. All the products in this kit are light-weight and convenient to carry with the best professional standards. Despite its high technology, it yields less possible noise.


  • Best professional product for getting smooth evenly spread tanned result without streaks.
  • High-efficient turbine, and adjustable, satin technology boasted spray gun.
  • Has the best tanning solution and pop-up tents for satisfying tanning sessions.
  • Portable, compact and easy-to-use design.


  • Does not have a heated air system.
  • Over-sized tent.
  • Quite an expensive tanning machine.

5. Ultra Pro T85-QC High-Performance Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System

Spray Tan Machine

Here comes the perfect home-based tanning solution with Ultra Pro T85-QC High-Performance Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System. This best professional spray tan machine has a convenient self-tanning design and is highly recommended for domestic purposes.

It is extremely easy and hurdle-free to handle this product. The kit contains a turbine air-pump unit, 10 feet long air hose, and an HVLP spray gun. The lengthy air hose provides high flexibility in the tanning process and the movement of the spray gun becomes easy without complications.

It also contains one solution-holding cup attached to the spray gun and three additional cups with lids. It provides four different varieties of tanning solutions, three being varied shades (8%, 10%, 12%) of DHA solutions and one is an opulence solution. Based on the skin-tone and desire, you may select your tanning solution and enjoy a perfect, evenly tanned caramel hue!

These tanning solutions are highly enriched with antioxidants and vitamins that boost the skin with replenished energy and ensures a healthy tan. The active ingredients restore the relaxed, bright, supple, and moisturized skin during the tanning sessions.

Thus for getting a complete and evenly tanned finish with a natural look and healthy benefits, this tanning kit can be the best! The kit also includes adds-on tanning accessories including pop-up tents for mess-free sessions, feet pads, disposable bra and panty thongs, hair net cap, nose filter plugs, and a complete guidance sheet for getting a pro-like tan at home!


  • Multi-component tanning kit for getting professional tanning results at home.
  • Easy to use for self-tanners.
  • Contains nutrient-boasted solutions at varied shades.
  • Comparatively long-lasting result.


  • The spray nozzle may not be efficient and might result in inconsistent and heavy spray if not taken proper attention.
  • It may not be highly durable.

6. Fuji Mini Tan M Model System Spray Tan

Best Professional Spray Tan Machine

Fuji Mini Tan M Model System Spray Tan is the remarkably quiet and best professional spray tan machine for mobile, on-the-go tanning sessions. It is completely designed in metal and consist of highly powerful, yet compact and portable components with high durability.

Its kit contains the powerful turbine technology that best supports the mobile tanning process. The presence of a two-stage motor in its compressor highly reduces the noise level. It contains the heat dissipation box that stabilizes the heat of the motor on the operation and extends its durability. The presence of a gun-holder facilitates the placing of a gun for the mobile tanners.

Its spray gun has a bleed valve-style design and is constructed with fluid-control and spray-pattern control benefits. It facilitates the users to control the level of solution being sprayed and its pattern to get the best-desired tanning finish. It helps to control the shade of the tan.

 This tanning unit ensures the best electrical and safety standards and is highly approved for cosmetic purposes. It has one solution-holding cup attached to the spray gun and provides the best even tan application!


  • Ensures high durability and minimum noise.
  • Extremely portable, compact, and easy-to-use for mobile and home tanners.
  • High safety standards.
  • Controls various adjusting controls for getting desired tanning results.


  • The nozzle size tends to be quite large that may lead to over-spraying.
  • Comparatively expensive and quite a heavy tanning machine.
  • It does not provide a tent.

7. Venus Ultra Spray Tanning Kit

Best Professional Spray Tan Machine

Venus Ultra Spray Tanning Kit is a highly efficient and heavy-duty tanning machine that is desired by both beginners and professionals. This best professional spray tan machine provides an attractive, high-gloss caramel hue to the skin with the best consistency.

It contains the turbine with high volume low-pressure technology that ensures the sufficient spaying of merchandise at medium pressure. It is further optimized with speed and integrated-control features that promise a desired even finish to the skin.

The spray gun is designed in metal with a spray-flow control system for increased durability and minimized over-spraying. The spray-flow control system helps to avoid over-spraying problems and attain the desired tan shade.

The kit provides three varied shades of tanning solutions of medium-dark, ultra-dark, and rapid-develop to best match the varied skin tones and expectations. It also has a pop-up tent for a mess-free tanning session.

The presence of an auxiliary heat system ensures the warmth of the solution that enables deeper penetration on the skin. The components of this tanning machine are easily separable and cleaning and thus is highly desirable for home and salon purposes!


  • Provides high-gloss, pro-like desired tan shade to the skin with maximum consistency.
  • In-built heat system.
  • Different shades of tanning solutions.
  • Highly adjustable features and control systems for desired tan result and less wastage.


  • The tan result may last only for 2 or 3 days.
  • Tends to be a little noisy.

How To Choose The Right Spray Tan Machine

Now, you might have understood that almost all the tanning machines are best in one or the other aspect! So deciding your best professional spray tan machine might be a complicated and confusing task.

To aid you with your product selection process, we’ve outlined the basic criteria that you may consider at the time of purchasing your tan machine for getting optimum satisfaction.

1. Check The Materials

Materials of the tanning machine are highly important for getting optimized usage and it depicts the surface material of the product. The strong and solid material of the tanning machine tends to improve the quality of the product and extend its durability.

As the tanning machine purchaser, you may always want a high-durable product for better utilization. So you may choose the product made of solid materials such as metal instead of plastics. This will prolong the lifetime of the machine and its usability. Also, the tanning machine with an inbuilt cooler effect may improve the life of the tanning machine.

2. Spray Gun Vs Airbrush Gun

There is a difference between the spray gun and an airbrush gun and it is always essential to consider this element at the time of purchase.

The spray guns are best at covering a large area with equal and blended shades. They are used to spray a large and consistent amount of tanning solution with an even finish. The spray guns are best at whole body tanning sessions as it ensures quick and even-tanned result.

The airbrush guns, on the other hand, are best at tan touch-ups. They can effectively tan smaller regions of the body and is not suited for full-body tanning. The airbrush guns may take up to 40 minutes to complete a full-body tanning session.

So for having a quick and blemish-free evenly tanned session, you may always go for spray guns with an appropriate nozzle. The too-large nozzle may lead to over-spraying and wastage of solution. For tan touch-ups, you may go for airbrush guns.

3. Noise

The noise describes the sound emission of the tanning machine during the tanning session. As the salon, mobile, and home-based tanner, you may always go for machines with a minimum noise level, as it will not disrupt the calm surroundings.

Also, high noise emissions may create irritations and uneasiness among tanning customers.

4. Pressure System

The High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) always tends to be the most preferred product for full-body tanning sessions. It ensures the spraying of a sufficient amount of merchandise at a reasonable pressure. This system ensures a consistent, efficient, and quicker tanning session without much solution wastage and much noise.

The Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) is another system that sprays a limited volume of merchandise at low pressure. It may be sufficient for tan touch-ups and may be used in airbrush sprays. But the tanning sessions using LVLP tends to be comparatively lengthy and noisy.

Therefore based on your preference, you may select your product. But HVLP is good for quick and quiet tanning sessions.

5. Portability 

Portability is the first and foremost criteria to consider while deciding on your tanning machines. The tanning machines that are light-weight and compact have a high degree of portability than those with heavy materials and enlarged accessories.

Also, the tanning kit with compact accessories and efficient handling straps can account for high portability. The mobile tanners and those who prefer to take the tanning machine with them on their travel might go for highly portable, light-weight products.

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For those women who wish to have regular tanning sessions, a tanning machine is really the best-recommended equipment for getting an easy and instantaneous tanned result.

Always provide careful attention to the features of the machine and compare them with product selection criteria for understanding their suitability. For optimum results, read the instructions given in the guidance sheet of the product and stay consistent with the prescribed instructions.

Therefore, based on your tanning preference, you can select the best professional spray tan machine from the list and enjoy the gorgeous caramel hue!

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