The 5 Best Tan Accelerator Lotions For Sunbeds & Outdoors

Best Tan Accelerator

Tanned skin is always gorgeous, attractive, and is something special about summer! Attaining a perfectly sun-kissed, bronze-shade skin is the main goal of any tanning sessions. It not only boosts the skin’s appearance but also enhances mood and confidence!

But attaining such an alluring tan involves a lot of risks and difficulties. The over-exposure of the skin to UV rays suffers from the risk of cancer, allergies, sun rashes, etc. Similarly, if you are one with a fair complexion, you may often face the problems of sunburns!

The usage of the best tan accelerators can be a perfect solution for these problems. The accelerators stimulate the melanin production that darkens the skin tone to attain natural tan results at a quicker pace. It shall be used on both indoor tan beds and outdoor beach sessions to get the instant and long-lasting caramel glow!

Apart from just speeding-up the tanning process, it is also featured with numerous add-on benefits to the skin. Just continue reading to have in-depth knowledge about the best tan accelerators available in the market!

What Is A Tan Accelerator Lotion? 

Tan accelerator lotion is used during indoor or outdoor tanning sessions to fasten-up the tanning process and gets a gorgeous, sun-kissed skin appearance rapidly. It triggers the melanocyte cells that stimulate melanin production on the skin. As the melanin level increases, the skin becomes darkly pigmented that produces the best-tanned results.

The tan accelerators can be in the form of lotion, oil, and serum. They provide an optimum-darkened result that the skin can reach. The accelerators may or may not contain the bronzers. Those with bronzers tend to provide an instant tanned glow to the skin.

Unlike fake tan, the usage of tan accelerator lotion before indoor or outdoor tanning sessions helps to sustain the tan result on the skin for a longer period. It also moisturizes, nourishes, strengthens, and protects the skin against tan damages and free radicles.

Why Should You Use A Tan Accelerator Lotion?  

As discussed earlier, the tan accelerators are used for naturally improving the melanin production of the skin and getting gorgeous tan results quickly. It helps the skin to reach an optimum dark shade in shorter tanning sessions and the results tend to be long-lasting.

The best tan accelerators are also featured with deep moisturizing ingredients that immensely hydrates and conditions the skin. The moisturized skin tends to be more appropriate for deep, dark, and even tan.

The skin-strengthening, antioxidants, and anti-aging properties are also included in accelerators that boost-in the essential nutrients and vitamins to the skin to keep it firm and young. This benefit helps to maintain and protect the skin’s health and texture during the tanning sessions. It improves the protective barrier of the skin that fights against light damages and free radicles.

As a final verdict, the tan accelerators act as an overall skin protector for your tanning sessions that improve the shade of the skin along with maintaining its strength and radiance. It ensures a streak-less, evenly-tanned, quicker, and long-lasting result!

Best Tan Accelerators For Sunbeds & Outdoors

Among the number of lotions, we’ve picked the 5 best tan accelerators that are featured with all the above-mentioned benefits and made a thorough discussion on their ingredients, pros, and cons!

1. Australian Gold Gelee Dark Tanning Accelerator

Best Tan Accelerator

For getting an intense tan result with rich moisturization and a refreshing feel to the skin, the vitamins-boosted Australian Gold Gelee Dark Tanning Accelerator can do the best!

This best tan accelerator is formulated with the benefits of tan-hoisting herbal extracts and natural ingredients from Australia that improves the melanin production of the skin and ensures deep-dark, mesmerizingly rich tanned result instantly. It improves the skin pigmentation naturally to an optimum extent!

The blend of hemp seed oil, olive oil, and tea tree oil highly moisturizes and conditions the skin. They make the skin soft, smooth, and prepared for deep-absorption of the lotion that enhances the tan results. The dose of amino acids and essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 in hemp seed oil nourishes the skin immensely to maintain its radiance and suppleness!

This best tan accelerator is rich with antioxidants in the form of vitamins A and E that cleanses and repairs the skin gently. They improve the protective barrier of the skin and protect it against free radicles during the tanning session.

This lotion has a gel-like texture that has easy-to-apply and quick absorption benefits. It tends to be a lightweight lotion and claims to be suited for both indoor and outdoor tanning sessions. It has a refreshing cocoa dreams fragrance!


  • Ensures dark and deeply tanned result by improving melanin production to an optimum level.
  • Deep moisturization and conditioning benefits to furnish soft, nourished, and radiant skin.
  • Has antioxidants that repair and protect the skin against tan damages and free radicles.
  • Hemp seed oil enables deeper absorption of the lotion to enhance the tan result.


  • Users may face the staining problem.
  • May create irritations and allergic reactions on certain skin types.

2. Paint It Black Dark Tanning Lotion

Best Tan Accelerator

As the name suggests, Paint It Black Dark Tanning Lotion acts as the best tan accelerator with bronzers that ensures an ultimate dark-bronze tan result with immense skin softening and moisturizing features!

This product contains the 50X auto-darkening tan technology and Aqueous Infusions of Caramel Extract and Green Tea Extract that improves the depth and texture of the tan darkness instantly. They ensure the magical, ultra-dark tan result for a long-lasting period without fading away!

It contains a blend of skin-nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E and botanical extracts such as apple, banana, sunflower seed extract, black tea leaf extract, hemp seed oil, etc. These ingredients ensure day-long moisturization of the skin and furnish a smooth, radiant, and youthful appearance.

They locks-in the essential nutrients and vitamins to the skin during the tanning process and make it firm, supple, and energetic. The presence of silicone emulsion best conditions and makes the skin feathery-soft and smooth.

This best tan accelerator tends to be suitable for all ages and contains a fresh cotton blossom fragrance that enhances the mood of the tanners!


  • Ensures supernatural, ultra dark-bronze tan result to the users.
  • Contains bronzers that ensure instant dark results.
  • Best moisturization benefits that make the skin supple and hydrated throughout the day.
  • Fruit and botanical extracts locks-in essential skin nutrients.
  • Silicone emulsifiers make the skin dreamy-soft and smooth.


  • May create allergies and itchiness on certain skin types.
  • It may not be suitable for all skin types.

3. Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion

Best Tan Accelerator

What do you think about experiencing a streak-free, mesmerizing summer-tan throughout the year? Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion is one such best tan accelerator with tan-color adjustability and quick-drying technologies!

This unique product improves the melanin production of the skin for getting the optimum tan darkness. Its color adjusting formula provides control on the tan shade.

The frequency of the tanning process decides the depth of the tan darkness. As you tan more frequently, your tan intensity increases each time. Once you are satisfied with the shade of the tan, you may reduce the tanning sessions to maintain it!

The presence of antioxidants such as oxybenzone and octinoxate fights and protects the skin against tan damages and free radicles.

The skin-nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E highly soothes, conditions, and moisturizes the skin for a healthy, radiant, and smooth mien. It repairs and relaxes the skin for a rejuvenated, young and energetic glow!

This best tan accelerator is an oil-free, tinted lotion that prevents the creation of tan tints or streaks due to inappropriate application. It allows the saloon-like, natural-looking tan finish to the users and it tends to be a sunless, indoor tanning lotion. It has a quick-dry technology to ensure mess and stain free sessions.


  • Provides optimum dark tan results to the users by improving the melanin level of the skin.
  • Has shade-control technology to attain the desired tan shade.
  • Has skin nourishing and moisturizing features to enjoy a soft and smooth, hydrated finish.
  • Helps to fight against tan damages and free radicles.
  • Quick-drying benefit to ensure mess-free sessions.
  • Tinted-lotion to have streak-free results.


  • The revised formula tends to be a dye-free product that may not yield a promising deep-tan result.
  • This revised formula may create tan streaks on the skin.

4. Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula

Best Tan Accelerator

Here comes a multi-advantageous, best tan accelerator with Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula that ensures the super-dark indoor tan results while nourishing and strengthening the epidermis!

This best lotion contains Kona coffee extract in its formula that provides an ultimately dark and alluring pigmentation to the skin. It is also featured with the exfoliating benefits that ensure an evenly-tanned, smooth and soft finish to the skin while repairing skin blemishes!

The presence of plant oils such as sunflower seed oil and safflower oil penetrates and moisturizes the skin deeply for providing an extra-luminous, supple and youthful glow. They nourish the skin with essential nutrients and fatty acids and keeps the skin hydrated for a long-lasting period.

This best tan accelerator has a blend of kukui nut oil, aloe vera, and vitamins A, C, and E. These ingredients act as antioxidants that improve the skin’s protective barrier against tan and light damages. They make the skin strong and energetic to fight against free radicals.

This lotion also soothes and relaxes the skin against irritations and inflammations. Its anti-aging formula prevents the creation of wrinkles and fine lines during the tanning session. It also ensures the natural-looking, evenly-tanned finish to the skin without creating tints or hyperpigmentation.

Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula may not be used for outdoor tanning sessions, but it does optimum benefits to the skin on the tanning sessions!


  • Best indoor tanning lotion for getting a rich, dark tan result with an even-finish instantly.
  • Rich moisturizing and conditioning features that make the skin nourished, radiant and supple.
  • Has antioxidants that protect the skin against damages and free radicles.
  • Contains soothing and properties that relax and prevent the skin from wrinkled, crepey skin during tanning sessions.
  • Strengthens the skin with essential nutrients and vitamins.


  • Not applicable for outdoor tanning sessions.
  • Tends to be over-greasy on the skin and may stain the surface

5. Designer Skin Escapade Dark Tan Intensifier

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Designer Skin Escapade Dark Tan Intensifier is again the best tan accelerator featured with remarkable ingredients that ensures the intense-dark, natural tan results for a prolonged period along with skin-nourishing benefits!

The presence of DS ProBronze Extend™, Black Walnut, Peptides, and Tyrosine plays an important role in enhancing the melanin level of the skin and intensity of the tan results. They drastically improve the skin’s pigment level for getting a rich-brown skin appearance. The ProBronze Extend complex sustains the tanned result for a long-lasting period.

This best tan accelerator has a dual cooling essence that highly soothes and relaxes the skin. It aims to keep the skin cool and refreshed against tan heat throughout the tanning sessions. This feature protects the skin against aging-signs and other tan damages.

This lotion contains a deep-moisturizing ingredient of sacha inchi oil that is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 along with other essential fatty acids. It deeply nourishes, conditions, and hydrates the skin for furnishing a super-soft, smooth, young, and radiance glow to the skin. It helps to maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin and prevents tan-bed skin damages.

Designer Skin Escapade Dark Tan Intensifier has ATO inhibitors that neutralize the tan odors and furnish a refreshing Bermuda breeze fragrance to the skin!


  • Boast the intense-dark, natural tan result to the skin for a prolonged period instantly.
  • In-depth skin hydrating features that make the skin soft and radiant.
  • Dual cooling essence soothes and relaxes the skin against tan heat and irritations.
  • Prevents the skin against tan damages and aging signs.
  • Controls tan odor with ATO inhibitors.


  • May stain the clothes and surface.
  • It may not provide a promising cooling effect on certain conditions.

How To Use A Tan Accelerator Lotion?

For getting an evenly-tanned and instant result out of tan accelerator lotion for a long-lasting period, you can go along with the following guidelines!

1. Skin Cleansing

Best Tan Accelerator

Before you use any tan accelerator, you may always cleanse your body with regular body wash. This routine helps to wash away all the make-ups, perfumes, and other cosmetics used on your skin. It enables the better absorption of the lotion by the skin and evenly-tanned results.

2. Skin Exfoliating

Best Tan Accelerator

It is equally important to exfoliate your skin a day before your tanning process. It helps to sloughs-off the dead and damaged skin cells and other dirt and debris from the skin. It unclogs the pores and makes the skin ready for tanning sessions.

The skin exfoliation also reduces the impacts of cellulite and other skin blemishes. It produces evenly-tanned results with no streaks or patches. It also helps to prolong the tan result for an extended period.

3. Moisturize

Best Tan Accelerator

For making the tanning process intense and instant, it is always necessary to moisturize your skin with a better moisturizer. The hydrated skin tends to absorb the lotion deeply. It also ensures the easy and even application of the merchandise on the skin without creating streaks.

4. Read The Instructions

Once you have chosen your best tan accelerator and prepared your skin as discussed, you may carefully read the instructions given along the product. The instructions may specify the application method such as the usage of specific lotion-applicators or tools. It may also specify the time you may have to keep the lotion on your skin before taking the shower.

5. Even Application

Best Tan Accelerator

This is the main step that decides the real outcome of the entire tanning process. No matter if you are applying tanning lotion with your hands or using applicators, you may have to apply it evenly on the skin without streaks or tints.

6. Wash And Moisturize The Skin

After finishing your tanning session with the tan accelerator on your skin, you may wash and condition your skin with your deep-moisturizing lotion.

By following these instructions, you may attain the streak-less, alluring caramel result instantly!


Providing an alluring, faster, and evenly-tanned result along with skin nourishing and moisturizing benefits is the major goal of tan accelerators. They naturally boost the melanin level and furnish the even and optimum tan result instantly.

The best tan accelerators also hydrate, conditions strengthens and protects the skin against free radicles. They restore the skin with nutrients and vitamins and prevents aging signs during the tanning sessions.

Note that the accelerators are formulated with different ingredients and the ones with allergic ingredients may create negative impacts on the skin. Before deciding on your product, have a clear understanding of the ingredient list of the lotion and their suitability to your skin type.

It is always recommended to perform a patch testing of the accelerator on your hands or legs before using it on your entire body. It reflects the suitability of the product.

Also, select the product based on your skin’s requirements. For the dry skin types, select the ultra-moisturizing accelerators. If you want a quick tan result, you may go for the one with bronzers.

Now, you might explore your skin type and requirements to select your best tan accelerator and enjoy the quick, healthy, and long-lasting tan result!

Yogeshwari Ramadass

Yogeshwari Ramadass

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