Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring?

Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring

Hair coloring makes your lifestyle trendier and fascinating. By coloring, you can add the shades of glimmering blue, gorgeous red, funny green, and other dynamic colors to your tresses. But, the post-coloring procedures are equally important to maintain the depth and glamour of the shades. One such procedure involves the question of “Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring?”

As a general rule, you can oil your hair after coloring to maintain its original texture and radiance. It aids in relieving your tresses from dying damages. But, it is best to wait at least 2-3 days before oiling your colored hair, as this waiting period allows the dye to penetrate better.

There are various factors to be considered that maintain the original radiance of the shades for a longer period. By this article, you could understand how coloring works and the impact of oiling on colored tresses, along with post-coloring tips and related information!

When Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring?

Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring

Hair coloring involves the action of adding vibrant hues to the tresses. In this process, the coloring products (dyes) play an important role in changing the look and shade of your strands.

The dyes (especially the permanent dyes) contain the color molecules (or ammonia) that penetrate the hair cuticles, enter the hair cortex, and build the proposed shade. Such permanent colors change the hue by altering the natural color structure of the shafts.

The longer you allow the hair color to penetrate the shaft, the deeper and extended you could enjoy its shade result! Generally, it takes up to 3 days (72 hours) for the cuticles to get completely closed (after they get opened by ammonia). Thus, during this period, the cuticles stay opened, that the hair washing or oiling on this period could lead to the color wash-out. It eventually end-up in a dull and faded coloring look.

As a general rule, treat your colored hair with a gentle oiling process after 72-hours of coloring. Coconut oil stays most nourishing and revitalizing for this purpose. But, you can also pamper your color-treated hair with olive oil, almond oil, and others based on your preference.

The hair colors mostly contain harsh chemicals that could ruin the strength and radiance of the shafts. They make your hair dry, rough, and more prone to damages. By oiling those strands, you make them feel hydrated, nourished, and strengthened. The nutrient and moisturizing contents in the oil locks-in the shine to your colored strands and uplift the final appearance.

The oiling process also creates the shielding layer over the hair cuticles that delays the fading process. It also treats post-coloring hair damages, stimulates hair growth, and prevents UV damages.

For this purpose, you can simply apply the preferred hair oil 3-days post-coloring and leave it undisturbed for few hours or overnight. Then, do the gentle hair wash with the color-safe shampoo.

The next section deals with a detailed explanation of how to take proper care of the color-treated hair for an improved look!

How To Take Care Of Colored Hair?

By adding color to your tresses, you modify the original texture of your strands. In this task, you artificially boast in the trending shade that is more prone to get washed out if not treated rightly.

So, the following tips and tricks provide you the knowledge about how you can prolong the coloring result and improvise the productivity of your dying effort!

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Immediately

As discussed, the hair cuticles take three whole days (72-hours) to get closed after they get opened by the dying agent. So, make sure not to wash your hair immediately after the hair-coloring process, as it could lead to premature fading.

While dying your hair, the more you provide the penetrating hours (period without washing your hair), the more coloring agent will soak in the cuticles. This process will intensify and sustain the hue for a longer-lasting period. So, wait for at least three days to proceed with your hair washing process.

Also, reduce the count and frequency of your hair washing routine. The more you wash your colored strands, the quicker the dye gets drained out. So, keep your hair washing counts less frequent.

2. Use A Color Protectant Shampoo

Most shampoos and conditioners available in the market contain surfactants such as sulfate (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Such types of ingredients mainly aim to produce the foaming effect while cleaning your hair. But, these ingredients, apart from just removing the residues, could also strip out the natural oil and moisture from your hair, making it dry and brittle.

In particular, color-treated hair suffers more from the usage of these harsh shampoos. Their foaming agent makes the hair rough and fade-out the radiance of the hue. So, for protecting your fashionable color for the longer days, make sure to use color protectant shampoos that are essentially devoid of sulfates and other harsh chemicals.

One such extremely gentle and safe color-protectant product is dpHUE Color Fresh Shampoo. This shampoo highly moisturizes and nourishes the color-treated strands making the hue extra-radiant. Its natural extract cleanses the scalp impurities without stripping out the dye and oil from the hair. It makes the tresses hydrated and healthy while furnishing the extra-freshness look to the color.

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3. Protect Your Hair From Heat

Overexposure of your colored tresses to the heat, such as direct UV rays, heat styling (ironing or curling), etc., could easily break down your color resulting in the dullness. Such heat processes also increase the hair damages and make your strands extremely dry and breaking.

So, make sure to protect your hair from high temperatures post-dying. You can also use efficient heat protectants that could prevent the hair from indoor and outdoor heat temperatures.

4. Condition Your Colored Hair

Conditioning makes the color-treated tresses extra-soft, shiny, and healthy. It creates a protecting layer over the shafts that keeps the hue fresh and radiating for a longer period. It also revives the hair against coloring damages and makes it look lustrous and rejuvenated. Just like the shampoo, make sure to use only color-safe conditioner for the purpose.

You can also perform the deep-conditioning treatment once a week. It further smoothens and energizes the tresses by adding an extra dose of nutrients to the colored hair.

The following related questions guide you through a better understanding of the post-coloring procedures!

1. Can You Put Coconut Oil On Hair After Coloring?

Yes, coconut oil highly replenishes and rejuvenates the strands with its vitamins and nutrient contents. It makes the shafts healthier and radiant. In some cases, the coconut oil could also increase the penetration level of dye-making the color deeper and more radiant.

But, the coconut oil could possibly fade away the dye on the semi-permanent hair coloring process as it involves no ammonia or high-level pigmenting molecules.

2. How Long Does Colored Hair Last?

The answer to this question depends on the type of hair coloring you have undertaken. In general, the temporary hair color could reflect its utmost radiance for up to one hair wash. The semi-permanent hair color lasts 4-12 shampoos, and the demi-permanent shampoo has a lasting period of 12-24 shampoos. Finally, the permanent hair color has the longest lasting period of 4-6 weeks (until the hair grows and the original color of the shafts gets exposed on the root).

3. Does Hair Oil Strip Color? 

No, in most cases the oiling of colored hair after three days stays most beneficial. The oiling process enriches the radiance of the hues along with making the dyed hair revitalized.

4. Does Conditioner Affect Hair Color?

Yes, conditioning uplift the beauty and strength of the colored hair. It is always best to condition the hair every time you use shampoo. It is because, conditioner not only makes the tresses soft and shining, but it also creates a protective barrier over the shafts that prevent the washing-out of the dye for a longer period.


Hair coloring upgrades the overall look and reflects the most stylish side of your beauty. You can either go for permanent hair coloring by modifying the entire view of your shafts or party-time semi-permanent coloring to become a trendsetter. Though the hair gets exposed to coloring chemicals in both cases, the damages on permanent coloring stay higher.

The oiling of hair after three days of coloring could make the tresses replenished and reduce the coloring damages. Also, the oiling does help in prolonging the coloring result and strengthening the shafts with a glowing radiance.

So, for making your colored tresses multi-dimensional with utmost radiance, condition your tresses regularly with nutrient oils!

Yogeshwari Ramadass

Yogeshwari Ramadass

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