Coconut Oil For Eyelashes: Is It Really Good For Eyelashes?

coconut oil for eyelashes

Eyelashes are the most delicate yet unique part that provides an energetic and rejuvenated appearance to the face. The lengthy, deep, and hydrated eyelashes provide an alluring frame to the eyes that make the eyes look lively and attractive.

But the various factors such as pollution, insufficient sleep, dehydration, etc., highly affect the strength and texture of the lashes. These factors make the lashes dull and weak and cause it to fall-off before it grows to the fuller extent.

Here comes the perfect natural product of coconut oil with a high concentration of fatty acids that restore the proteins and nutrient contents of the lashes.

The proper usage of coconut oil ensures deeper penetration of oil along the lash lines that soothes and relaxes the lashes from the depth. It stimulates the growth of new lash hairs and strengthens them to prevent excess breakage or falling-off.

This article provides you with sufficient knowledge about the benefits and usage of coconut oil for eyelashes for your better understanding and advantage!

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

It is a well-known fact that coconut oil is an extra-ordinary gift blessed to human society with its health and beauty benefits. It does remarkable wonders on boosting heart health, burning internal body fat, skin moisturizing benefit, treating crepey and wrinkled skin, stimulating hair growth, etc.

But what do you think about its beauty and nutrient benefits to the eyelashes? Yes, the usage of coconut oil for eyelashes can provide an optimum advantage that ensures the best cinematic appearance!

Fights Bacteria

coconut oil for eyelashes

By nature, coconut oil is rich in antimicrobial and antifungal properties that fight against the bacterial organisms present on the lashes and skin around the eyes. These micro-organisms may make the lashes week and stimulate easy fall-off.

The higher concentration of fatty acids including lauric acid improves the strength of the eyelashes and acts as a protective barrier against these external harms. They soothe and protect the skin around the eyes and highly treat irritations and inflammations on hair follicles.

Coconut oil proves to be more useful for mascara users as it prevents the chances of contaminating mascara with microbial. Applying coconut oil to the eyelashes in the night after proper cleansing helps to kill these harmful organisms overnight and provides energetic, healthy lashes in the morning!

Longer And Deeper Lashes

coconut oil for eyelashes

Having long, attractive lashes is the dream of every woman. It boosts the appearance and overall glamour of the face.

So, you may attain such head-turning lashes without using heat or other painful processes by using coconut oil! The coconut oil has the benefit of stimulating hair growth that lengthens the lashes to the optimum extent and provides a complete, fuller, and deeper appearance.

The gentle brushing of coconut oil along the lash lines penetrates deep into the hair follicles and boost the hair growth naturally.

Strengthen The Lashes

Simply improving the hair volume can do no help unless it is essentially strengthened and protected! The lash hairs are more exposed to damages due to washing, artificial products, heat, and other external factors.  

The usage of high quality, organic coconut oil for eyelashes can impart the best moisturizing and nutrient benefits that strengthen the hair from the root. The presence of fatty acids in coconut oil boosts the essential proteins to the lashes and treats dull and damaged hair.

These proteins prolong the life of the lash hairs and prevent their breakage and falling-off. They best condition the hair and provide a healthy, bouncy, and deeper look!

Eye Make-Up Remover

coconut oil for eyelashes

The eyes are the most sensitive organ and the skin around the eyes has to be treated with the mildest and safest ingredients for avoiding any side-effects. Coconut oil could be such a naturally gifted product that goes well with sensitive regions, such as the eyes!

The organic coconut oil could be your first choice for eye make-up remover as it can cause no irritations to your eyes and eyelashes. As discussed earlier, the usage of coconut oil for eyelashes can highly protect damages due to cosmetics.

Similarly, the accidental dropping of coconut oil into the eyes can leave no harm to the vision except for the few minutes of blurriness. It can never create permanent vision problems that make it the best product to use around the eyes.

Deep Moisturization

The dry and damaged hair is more prone to fall-off. The fatty acids in coconut oil ensure deep moisturization of hair that makes the hair hydrated and strengthened from the root!

The usage of coconut oil for eyelashes makes the lash hairs gleam and glow like a star and provides an actress-like finish naturally. It strike-up the lashes and makes the lash look longer and denser.

Is Coconut Oil Really Good For Eyelashes?

Of course, yes! As discussed earlier, coconut oil is packed with a whole lot of proteins and nutrients required for lashes. They fight against external infections and provides a healthy, bouncy, and radiant appearance to the lashes.

The usage of coconut oil for eyelashes boosts the growth and ensures optimum length to the lash hairs. The fatty acids including lauric acid highly moisturize the hair and make the lashes look lengthy, thick, and gorgeous.

On the whole, if you are not allergic to coconut oil, you could very well give a good try of coconut oil for eyelashes. Its safe and healthy properties provide no harm to your eyes and eyelashes, except satisfying you with the bundle of health and nourishing benefits!

How To Use Coconut Oil On Your Eyelashes 

Before moving on to the usage procedures, it is essential to understand which coconut oil you are going to use for your lashes. You are provided with two options regarding this concern such as eyelash serums and virgin coconut oil!

Eye Lash Serum

The eyelash serums of different brands are available in the cosmetic market with varied ingredients and formulas. These serums are usually formulated with essential oils and other ingredients that may not be 100% natural.

The main reason behind its preference is that the serums usually come with an applicator that makes the application process easier and convenient with no mess.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil tends to be a fully natural product that ensures the best promising benefits to the users. It is an easily available product that can be procured through online shopping or grocery stores.

Anything with no procedural usage may yield no results! So, in reaping the best possible benefits out of coconut oil, we’ve outlined clear tips regarding the proper usage of coconut oil for eyelashes!

Clean Your Lashes

coconut oil for eyelashes

Before starting the application process, make sure you have thoroughly cleansed your lashes and hands. The lashes have to be completely free from mascara and other make-up products for deeper penetration of the oil and optimum benefits.

Also, if you wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes and lashes as it ensures a clean and healthy application process.

Use Sufficient Merchandise

coconut oil for eyelashes

The virgin coconut oil could be applied either using your fingers or using an eyelash brush or mascara wand. In the case of eyelash serum, the applicator could be used directly.

In both cases, make sure you use a sufficient quantity of coconut oil for application. Take an optimum quantity for applying along upper and lower lash lines.

Application Process

coconut oil for eyelashes

Here comes the actual process of application. Once you have decided the quantity, take the oil, and gently rub it between two index fingers. It makes the oil gets liquefied that makes the application process easy and blend-able.

Then, massage the oil along the root and hair of the upper and lower lashes with the fingers by keeping your eyes closed. This ensures the deeper penetration of the oil that stimulates the growth and hydration of the lash hairs. After that, the remains of the excess oil on the skin around the eyes could be wiped-off.

In the case of using a wand or applicator, the coconut oil could be applied directly on the lashes just like using mascara.

Leave it overnight

Once you have aptly applied the coconut oil on the lashes, you may leave it undisturbed overnight and wash it in the morning to enjoy the healthy, rejuvenated, and nourished lashes.

Side Effects Of Using Coconut Oil 

In general, coconut oil tends to be the safest product to be used along eyelashes. But in rare cases, it may also create some negative impacts and allergies. Those who are allergic to coconut oils by nature are not recommended to use it!

Similarly, virgin coconut oil is considered the best and safest to use along with the eyes as it contains no artificial or harmful ingredients. It is always recommended to use 100% natural ingredients on highly sensitive regions such as the eyes.

You may keep your eyes closed during its application to avoid direct contact of eyes with oil that may create irritations and vision blurriness. If at all the oil gets into your eyes, you may immediately wash your eyes with plain water. However, in most cases, it will not lead to serious problems, except for a few minutes of blurriness.

Also, the excess oil around the eyes and lashes are to be rinsed-off thoroughly using the regular face wash. It again prevents eye irritations.


Getting mesmerizing, lengthy, and thick eyelashes are the dream of many women that upgrades the confidence and looks of the eyes. So, for attaining such alluring eyelashes naturally, coconut oil could be a great option!

The benefits of coconut oil for eyelashes are remarkable and complete, and the above-discussed procedure ensures promising results. It improves the lashes’ strength, stimulates their growth and density, conditions the lashes, and fights against dull and damaged hair.

The coconut oil can also be used for treating inflammations and irritations around lashes and its soothing properties can best soothe the hair follicles.  

So, if you find coconut oil does suit your skin types without creating allergies, you will also find it productive on your lashes. For making sure about its suitability, you may first do the patch testing of the oil on your hair and other skin parts such as the hand. Once, you find that the oil gets accepted by them, you may then start using it on your lashes and skin around the eyes.

You may now start using the coconut oil on your lashes with complete knowledge about its features and enjoy its best health and nutrient benefits!

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Yogeshwari Ramadass

Yogeshwari Ramadass

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