DIY Sugar Wax Recipe: Make Your Own Sugar Wax At Home

sugar wax recipe

Feather-soft, crystal-shine, and silky-smooth epidermis with no signs of flaws is the dream of any woman. Such blemish-free skin is what you want when you have a plan to wear short skirts or sleeveless shirts for your night parties.

 But, the presence of short and tiny unwanted hair is a big black dot in your plan! You may now think about spending your hard-earned money and most-precious time on parlors for getting that awfully painful waxing! But no, I’m not taking you to such an agonizing point!

What do you think about glorifying your skin with natural, home-made sugar waxing that clear-up the tiny hairs with the least difficulties? Yes, this article is going to guide you through the concept of the sugar wax recipe along with the best method to use it for reaping the mesmerizing skin-smoothening benefits.

History Of Sugar Wax

sugar wax recipe

When we talk about the history of sugar wax, we have to turn back the calendar to ancient times. Yes, sugar wax is not something that was apparently raised in past few years. It has been there in the practice since 1900 BC mainly among the Egyptian women who considered having smooth, soft, and hairless skin is a sign of beauty and civilized culture.

Sugar waxing or Persian waxing is the homemade recipe that has been used by women to remove skin hair from the root with the least pain and effort. Do you believe that even the beauty-queen Cleopatra was accustomed to this practice! Gradually, it has become popular among women in other Middle Eastern countries.

Persian waxing has a unique component of sugaring paste that is made of three major ingredients such as sugar, water, and lemon. This paste was called “moum” by Egyptian women.

Now, this effectively less-painful method has gained popularity among modern women across the globe and is used with slightly moderated proportions of ingredients. Using the right proportion of these three scrubbing ingredients, you too can enjoy a love-to-touch skin like many others out there!

Where To Get Sugar Wax

You might probably be thinking about where you have to go-on-search to attain such smooth and youthful skin! Stay worry-less! To guide you through it, we’ve made an analysis and came out with the most prominent points.

Make It From Your Pantry

sugar wax recipe

The highlight of sugar wax is its ability to prepare and do it on one’s self. Yes, earlier it has been the self-made recipe that the women have made and used it in their home to attain hairless skin.

Just by using three or four readily-available pantry ingredients, the DIY waxing paste can be prepared. Then, by following the right method of applying and stripping, the skin hair can be removed from the root. This method tends to be much affordable and helpful for those who might feel embarrassed about showing their skin to the third person!

Think About Ready-Made Sugaring Paste

sugar wax recipe

Those who might not want to spend time preparing the waxing paste every time can go for the ready-made product. There are lots and lots of best waxing paste available on amazon.

The most interesting part of this method is that you can select the waxing paste specialized for each skin area like the legs, arms, or bikini areas or the multi-purposive paste.

While selecting the product, consider the ingredients included in it and the instructions provided with it. The products with maximum natural ingredients can do best on your skin.

From the view of cost, the waxing paste may range between $10 to $60 or even more. The price of the paste depends on its brand, quantity, ingredients, and its usage areas. If the ready-to-use product is what you are looking for, just visit the amazon store to find more product choices!

Take Salon Appointment

sugar wax recipe

As discussed, sugar waxing has become popular in all regions. So, almost all beauty spas and salons are offering sugar waxing services to their clients. For those who spend an active life and want to have an effortless waxing session, you can approach your favorite salon and attain a silky-soft epidermis!

Homemade Sugar Wax Recipe

For those who want to go for Do It Yourself option ever, there are several homemade sugar wax recipes available that shall help in attaining a youthful and shiny outer layer with fewer complications!

The sugar wax can be used to replace both hot and cold wax types and you can use it along with all skin areas including the sensitive zone. The sugar wax recipe can be prepared at the comfort of one’s own home with the readily available pantry ingredients as follows:

  • 2 cups of granulated white sugar (avoid powdered sugar)
  • 1¼ cup of lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of warm water
  • 1 teaspoon of salt (you can add it based on your preference)

Preparation Process

sugar wax recipe

For making the paste, add all the above-listed ingredients to the large bowl and melt it over medium-high heat. Stir the mixture frequently until the paste is prepared.

Be careful that the mixture is highly exposed to getting over-burnt. So, once it reaches a light honey brown color, you can turn off the stove and shift the paste to the ceramic bowl immediately.

You can also use a candy thermometer or other forms of kitchen thermometer while stirring the mixture. By using the thermometer, you can heat the paste until you get a reading of 260 degrees Fahrenheit. This product shall help you to avoid the chances of over-burning of the sugar paste.

If at all you end-up with dark, overly-burnt sugar paste, just trash it out and start again from the first. It is always common to make errors at the beginning and once you learn the technique of preparing it, you will become an expert at making smooth skin ever!

How to Use DIY Sugar Wax

sugar wax recipe

Appropriate use of the sugar wax paste is a must to derive an optimum benefit out of it. So, to get a desired smooth skin out of your homemade sugar wax recipe, just follow these simple steps:

Once you are done with the sugar wax recipe and attained a caramelized, light honey-brown paste, leave the mixture in a ceramic bowl to cool completely.

Then, you may move-on to applying the paste to your skin. Using the popsicle stick or butter knife, you can carefully spread the sugar wax paste in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Look to it you leave ¼ inch of the wax on the skin where you want to remove the hair. you can also use your fingers to apply the paste.

For making sure that the waxy paste gets a good hold of the unwanted hair, gently press the wax to the skin.

Then, take a hold of the corner of the paste and strip-out the wax layer quickly in the same direction of hair growth. This quick stripping shall aid in pulling out of the hair from the root. You can re-use the same waxy strip on the skin until it gets sticky.

That’s it! You are done with the hair removal process. You might have now attained smooth and glowing skin with no signs of unwanted, small hair!

Post-Waxing Instructions

sugar wax recipe

After you have stripped out all the tine hairs, there are certain soothing processes that your skin always loves to have! The hair-removal process itself is quite a painful process and the use of citric acid on the skin leads to still more irritating sensations.

So, once you are done with your waxing process, make sure to wipe your skin with warm water using a soft towel. Then, you can pamper-up your skin with organic coconut oil as it can soothe and calm the skin against redness and bumps.

You can also relax your epidermis by rubbing it with the ice cubes. Also, wearing comfortable and loose-fit clothes that are made of soft fabrics such as cotton, linen, etc., shall further make your skin cool and relaxed.  

Things To Know Before Using Sugar Wax

The sugar wax always tends to be cool and effective than other hair removal methods. But there are certain things you shall keep in your mind before initiating your waxing process for enjoying safer sessions with utmost benefits:

Keep Your Skin Away From Dampness

sugar wax recipe

The result of waxing depends upon the level it can get the hair out of your skin. The better it gets held on your skin, the better the smoothness you can attain. So, for making the wax paste to get a good hold, ensure to clean-wipe your skin with a soft towel or tissues before applying the wax. Be sure that your skin is devoid of creams, lotions, or sweat.

Mild Exfoliation

sugar wax recipe

Try to mildly exfoliate your skin a few days before your waxing session. It helps the easy removal of the stray hairs and ensures evenly stripped-out hair.

Interval Between The Waxing Sessions

sugar wax recipe

Fix-up your waxing session once your hair has grown to the optimum length. The over-grown hair will lead to a highly painful process and under-grown hair will not be completely plucked out of the skin. So, schedule your session once the hair is ¼ inches over your skin. If the hair is above ½ inches in length, make sure to trim it out.

Avoid Waxing On Menstrual Period

Consider your menstrual period before fixing up your waxing session. During that period your skin tends to be much sense that you may easily end-up in bleeding.

Avoid Using Razors

sugar wax recipe

Once you have initiated removing your hair using a sugar wax recipe, try to avoid using razors or other hair-removal means in between the sessions. It will lead to the different speeds of hair growth that will make the sugar waxing process rather difficult and unproductive.

The first-time users of sugar wax recipe may not see even hair-removal results. But, by having regular practice, you can become a pro!

Take Care Of Your Food Intake

sugar wax recipe

Avoid the intake of caffeine, alcohol, and other pore-minimizing foods before the waxing session as it can tighten the hair follicles and make your waxing session hard and painful.

Consider Your Skin Condition

Never wax the sun-burnt area as it can further irritate the skin and make the pain worse. The tanning and retinoid products may increase the sensitivity of the skin and try to avoid those applications from at least two days before your session.


Sugar waxing is the easiest, affordable, and less-painful method of removing the wanted hairs off your skin. It helps to make your skin soft, smooth, and flawless with its natural ingredients.

It is, of course, true that you need to be more careful in creating the waxy paste as it decides the success of the entire process. You may, at first, make everything go wrong. But, be relaxed! It happened even with me! Just after few tries, you can become an expert in this process! Then, you will find the entire process a very simple thing.

So, first, decide on whether you are going for a salon appointment or DIY process. If you are up to the DIY process, make the ingredients ready and start up the process gradually.

What’s more, you are waiting for? Start to make your skin glow like a star and shine like a diamond!

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Yogeshwari Ramadass

Yogeshwari Ramadass

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