Does Lip Balm Expire? How Long Does Lip Balm Last?

Does Lip Balm Expire

One of the most common skincare products that we use almost crazily in our regular lives is lip balm. Right from the good morning moment till we bang our beds at night, we strike this stylish stick over the lips countlessly. But, does lip balm expire, or is it an immortal cosmetic?

Yes, lip balm does have an expiration date upon which it loses its effectiveness. In general, the expiry date of the lip balms lies between 6-12 months, and you can find this information on the package.

Lip balms generally moisturize and nourish dried and pale lips. It stays alluring radiant when used alone and provides a perfect base beneath lipsticks. But, using such a multi-functional product after expiration leads to serious negativities. By this article, you understand the normal lasting period of the lip balm, the tricks in prolonging its shelf life, and much more!

How Long Does Lip Balm Last?

Does Lip Balm Expire

Lip balms don’t have the “one-for-all” cessation period, and their expiry date changes based on various factors.

Generally, the lip balm can maintain the same productivity for years until you actually open it. It begins to lose its efficacy only when you break the package during which its ingredients start getting exposed to the air (oxidizing process) and become degraded. The period during which the lip balm stays at its original state after opening is known in the corporate world as “Period After Opening (PAO)”.

Almost all the popular lip balm brands suggest the PAO of 6-12 months, during which you enjoy the safest and most effective results with no harm to your lips.

You should primarily consider the ingredients involved in your lip balm to predict its usability period. When it comes to treating the soft skin of our lips, you always prefer gentle and all-natural ingredients over chemical and preservative-filled cosmetics. In this prospect, the organic lip balms, though staying safe for lips, could easily trap moisture and develop bacteria that lead to a shorter life span.

In particular, if your lip balm contains naturally occurring, UV-blocking minerals like Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, you should definitely trash the product after one year of opening. Though these SPF ingredients actively shield lips against UV rays, they degrade rapidly.  

Also, the package design decides the longevity of the product. If your lip balm has a stylish, easy-to-use stick-like design, it gets exposed to fewer bacteria (germs from your lips alone and not fingers) and stays long-lasting.

But, if you use the lip balm over the sore and infected lip conditions, your lips could possibly translate the bacteria and infect the entire tube. In this case, it is always the best idea to throw out the contaminated stick and start pampering your lips with fresh lip balm.  

On the other hand, the lip balm in a tin-like container gets highly contaminated when you interchangeably touch your skin and content. This process passes more germs from both your lips and fingers onto the balms that further multiply bacteria and quickens the degradation process.

In short, to enjoy only the cherishing results with no drawbacks, make sure to use the lip balm to the maximum of one year after opening or till the cessation date mentioned in the package. You could easily figure out the details regarding the expiry date from the outer cover or at the rim of the container.

The expired and contaminated lip balms create dryness, irritations, and other serious harms to the lips. If you are not sure about the product’s usability, you can figure it out by inspecting its state. If you find the lip balm stalling, separated, or stinking crazily, move it to the trash.

So, there are certain tricks through which you can increase the shelf life of the lip balm. If you stay eager to get such knowledge, the next section is going to help you through!

How To Increase The Shelf Life Of Lip Balm?

The lip balm becomes contaminated and destroyed when it gets exposed to harmful germs and bacteria. Also, the atmospheric temperature, the number of ingredients involved in it, and other factors have a strong impact on the product’s shelf life. So, to make the lip balm longer usable, just follow the forthcoming points.

Never position your lip balm in higher humidity places such as your showering space. Store it in a dry and cool place where there is no direct sunlight or abnormal temperatures. You can also store the product in the refrigerator only after sealing it in the moisture-proof container. Always store the lip balm after closing it tightly. Air is the first enemy that makes the content oxidized and less effective.

Go for the natural lip balms having minimum ingredients (rather than a list of harsh chemicals) with no artificial fragrances. Such cosmetic stays gentle and more effective over the lips and the avoidance of fragrance delays the degradation process.

Make sure to use the lip balm most hygienically. When you use the balm available in a tin container, wash your hands thoroughly before touching the content. The germs passed from fingers breed quickly and trash out the entire product.

With the stick-like lip balm, the bacteria directly passes over the product from your lips. So to make the germs inactive and improve the shelf life, disinfect the balm once in a while. You can do this process by either wiping off the top layer or dipping the entire exposed part to the isopropyl alcohol for 30 seconds. This process is more useful if you suffered from lip infections in the recent past or your balm looks indifferent.

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Related Questions

The following related questions enrich your knowledge more about the expiration of the lip balm, the apt method of finding its non-usability, and others!

1. Can I Use A Lip Balm After Expiry Date?

Lip balms have a higher chance of breeding germs, bacteria, and fungus after a certain period of opening (expiration date). On swiping such lip balms, you may experience a harsh and irritating feel over the lips. It also creates other serious skin issues, such as rashes, especially if you have sensitive skin. So, it is always better to avoid using expired lip balms.

2. How Do I Find The Expiry Date Of My Lip Balm?

You can find the expiry date printed either over the carton package or at the rim of the container. This cessation date often appears as the “6M or 12 M”, indicating six months or twelve months after opening.

3. What’s The Best Lip Balm That Lasts Long?

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Lip balms are the best solution in treating dry and irritated lips. It makes the lips healthy and energized and can be used at any hour of the day. You can use the lip balm as the standalone skin-caring product or beneath lipsticks.

But, you use lip balm over the sensitive and delicate skin of your lips, that only the fresh and high-quality lip balm allows you to enjoy the real benefits. Make sure to switch to the new product once your lip balm passes one year from opening or shows the sign of stale taste and texture. I hope this article answers your question: Does lip balm expire?

Now, have a quick check over your lip balm to identify its expiration period and cherish your lips with the right-conditioned, lovable product! 

Yogeshwari Ramadass

Yogeshwari Ramadass

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