How Often Should You Get A Pedicure [Guide]

Being active throughout the day is the most appreciable one. But the constant walking and working routine create increased friction and stress to your feet that make them look extremely dull and stressed-out.

Don’t you ever have a desire for setting yourself cool with your feet treated by professionals with special care? Don’t you think providing a relaxation time with reviving massage and hydrating lotion is the must for these pale feet?

Pedicure involves such rejuvenating process where you calm your feet with optimum massage accompanied by cleansing, exfoliating and toe-polishing processes. It helps you to attain a bright, lively, moisturized, and energetic feel along with health benefits!

This article will provide you the complete details regarding the purpose and benefits of pedicure along with guidance on how often should you get a pedicure!

What Is A Pedicure?

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

Pedicure is a way of pampering your feet and toenails with a soothing, relaxing, beautifying, and cleaning process. By doing a pedicure, you give your feet the benefits of both cosmetic and therapeutic treatment. Are you wondering “how”?

Simple, pedicure involves soaking your feet and cleaning, shaping, and polishing your toenails as a beauty treatment. From the therapeutic point, it involves an exfoliating process by scrubbing-out the dead skin cells under your feet along with relaxation massaging.

These processes say bye-bye to the dry and broken skin and furnish polished-up, radiant feet with a soft and smooth touch. They ensure improved blood circulation and provide a stress-relieved, healthy and happy feel to your feet after a long day.

On the whole, a pedicure is a way to rejuvenate your feet with an eye-catching glow by keeping away all the skin-depressing issues away!

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure?

As discussed, a pedicure is all about keeping your feet and toenail neat and healthy. So, the frequency of pedicures highly depends on your lifestyle and the level of your feet getting exposed to dirt and pollution.

In general, the pedicure routines can vary between weekly once to once a month. This routine shall help you maintain the illuminating skin with highly hydrated radiance ever.

But the real question lies with “how often should you get a pedicure within this routine sheet?” “Is it once in a month? Or once a week? Or every alternative week?”

So, to aid you out with this crucial question, I’ve outlined some guidelines regarding the pedicure routines concerning your lifestyle. Just continue reading and plan on your pedicure schedules accordingly!

Weekly Once

If you are the one with a dynamic lifestyle where you keep running throughout the day, no doubt your feet are exposed to more tears, dirt, and pollution. It tends to get dull and tired and builds-up dry and broken skin ultimately.

So, it becomes more essential for you to rejuvenate your tired feet with an energy-boosting pedicure session once every week. This session will rehydrate and turn your dry and pale skin into a silky-soft, love-to-touch epidermis. 

The weekly once massaging of your feet also helps you to get relieved and relaxed with improved blood circulation.

Take Appointments On Alternate Weeks

For those who live a modest lifestyle with once a while going-out routine and getting the feet dirt rarely, the pedicures on alternative week would be sufficient.

Your feet are moderately exposed to the pollution and tear rate. So, an alternative week pedicure routine would be fine for recharging your skin with massage and hydrating therapy.

Monthly Once

If you are the one living a sedentary or inactive lifestyle with rare going-out, then your feet and toenails are extremely safe against dirt and dryness. Taking a pedicure session once a month is much sufficient for you to maintain the glow and health of your feet.

Meanwhile, you can just maintain the polish of your skin with hydrating oils and a simple nail-trimming process at the home. It shall keep your skin bouncy and lively throughout until you take-up your next pedicure session.

Therefore, the question of “how often should you get a pedicure?” just lies with your lifestyle and feet exposure rate. As a simple trick, just look at your feet, and when you feel your feet look dull, tired, and tore, fix a pedicure appointment and pamper it up!

How Long Do Pedicures Take?

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

Pedicure is all about exfoliating the dry and dead skin cells and make your outer layer soft, revived, and cool. The act of polishing the nails and massaging the under feet also comes under the pedicure process. So, the length of the pedicure session depends on all these factors along with how long your skin takes to have a visual transformation.

In general, the pedicure session lies between 30-60 minutes to reap a full range of benefits. In some cases, where the skin tends to be too hard and rough, the session may extend up to 90 minutes. The length of the pedicure session also depends on the type and techniques you have opted for, the experience level of the pedicurist, the crowd of the parlor, etc.

But remember, the over-exfoliating of skin will lead to negative impacts. So, maintain an optimum exfoliating process by regularising the pedicure session and length with the right gap!

Benefits Of Pedicure

The practice of taking regular pedicure sessions with an optimum gap will lead to unimaginable health and beauty benefits as follows!

1. Ensures Relaxed and Enthusiastic Feel

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

Massaging is the most essential part that takes place in almost all pedicure sessions. So, by providing a soothing and gentle massage to your feet, you give them the time to get relaxed and rejuvenated.

Your feet get dull and tired on bearing your body’s weight whenever you walk or work and the pedicure session helps them to get revived with its massages!

2. Improved Blood Flow

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

The pedicure massages stimulate the blood circulation on the feet. It converts the pale and lifeless feet into plump, revived, and energetic ones with its skin-correcting process.

It ensures the proper functioning and pumping of the blood through lymph nodes that keep the harmful substances and toxins out from the skin. This benefit helps the feet to stay healthy and revived ever with no worries of infections!

This point is more suitable for those who have a sedentary life cycle with much-limited usage of feet muscles. Also, if you are the one wearing long pointed heels, the massaging ensures proper blood circulation.

3. Keep The Pains Away From Feet

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

Massaging can aid in the even distribution of your body weight across the feet. It will create an optimum balance that keeps your legs, feet, and back away from pain.

4. Improved Hours Of Deep Sleep

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

No doubt, your feet are the central point for thousands of nerves. By having pampering massages and improved blood flow, you can calm and relax your mind from all the stress and emotions. This will gradually lead to sound and peaceful sleep for long hours.

5. Ensures Healthy Feet

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

Feet is the first part to be affected by your busy roaming schedule. You keep them exposed to dirt, pollutions, and other infectious factors that have a direct impact on their health and shine.

The feet massage is the time for it to get relieved from all its stresses and pedicure is the best way to assure it. The pedicure involves soaking and cleaning the feet and toenails that keep all the bacteria and fungi at bay. It ensures clean, hygienic, and healthy feet in a most-prominent way!

6. Furnishes Eye-Catching Nails

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

By pedicure, you give utmost care to the beauty and hygiene of toenails. It scrubs and removes all the dirt under your toenails regularly and prevents the chances of getting infected.

Furthermore, the polishing process of the pedicure improves the glamour of the nails with an eye-catching radiance!

7. Exfoliating Benefits

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

The use of deep-exfoliating solutions scrub-out all the dead and damaged skin cells on and under your feet. It helps to repair and revive the dull feet intensively.

This exfoliating feature prevents skin issues due to the accumulation of hair follicles with dead cells.

8. Getting Rid Of Calluses

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

Calluses are the most important issue that boasts a discouraging look to our feet. It is the thick and dry layer of the epidermis that often gets created under the feet due to the pressure of body weight.

Pedicure is the best solution for this problem as it peels-out all such layers during its scrubbing phase. It boasts skin with an ultra-soft and smooth feel.

9. Furnish Mesmerizing Fragrance

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure

The feet often tend to be more sweaty and smelly. By undertaking a pedicure with essential oils and fragrant lotions, you can get rid of such an embarrassing problem. It lock-in the mesmerizing fragrance at the end of the session.

How Often Should A Man Get A Pedicure?

Pedicure is an important routine not only for women but also for men. In fact, men are more prone to dynamic life that their feet are highly exposed to infections and dullness than females. So, the regular pedicure sessions for men are essential to maintain the healthy feet ever! It also helps them to stay cool and relaxed against their stress-filled works.

Now, you may get the question of “how often should you get a pedicure?” Simple, just like how women schedule theirs!

Based on your lifestyle and the speed of your toenails growth, you can plan your pedicure routine. If you are the one with a sedentary lifestyle, monthly once would be fine, and if your toenails grow faster, then book your appointment every alternate week.

On the whole, for maintaining healthy and rejuvenated feet, make sure to relax and pamper your feet with a pedicure session at least once a month!


Pedicure is an essential treatment that provides multiple benefits right from cleaning your feet to relieving your mental stress. It furnishes a silky-soft, fresh, smooth, and hydrated feel to the epidermis along with improved blood flow benefits.

By having a pedicure session at least once a month, you provide yourself the time to getting rejuvenated. The professional pedicure sessions tend to be more effective with their usage of essential oils and moisturizing lotions along with their pro-style massaging therapy!

Now just schedule your pedicure session with a professional and enjoy an intense-hydrated, joy-filled, love-to-touch feet that you ever dreamt of!

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