How To Get Rid Of Raccoon Eyes From Tanning?

Guide- How To Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes From Tanning

Tanning cheers up both the skin and mind. But, what about the patchy circles beneath eyes? These circles, often known as raccoon eyes, occur when you use tanning goggles to protect your eyes. So, how to get rid of raccoon eyes from tanning?

To get rid of raccoon eyes from tanning, adjust the tanning goggles periodically such that the surface around your eyes gets evenly exposed to the UV Radiance during the tanning process. 

Though effective, adjusting the goggle is not the only way to keep the raccoon eye creation away. In this article, I’ll talk about why you develop raccoon eyes, various tips to get rid of them, and other related concerns. Let’s get started.

How To Get Rid Of Raccoon Eyes From Tanning? 

Racoon eyes occur when your other parts of your face get darkly tanned than the eye-bordering skin. By using goggles, you prevent the level of UV radiance, reaching the under-eye surface that leads to raccoon eye appearance. 

So, the following tanning procedures provide the right solution for the question “how to get rid of raccoon eyes from tanning?” and aids you through evened-out tan results.

Adjust Your Tanning Goggles Periodically 

You should shift the goggles every minute or two such that your goggles protect only your eyes and not the eye-bordering skin. Your goggle’s bottom should stay rightly on your eyelid’s bottom, and adjust its position to your eyes’ left and right periodically.

The tanning goggles are the tough UV preventing barrier that stops the radiance from reaching the surface beneath its coverage. Though it protects eyes against UV damages, its bigger size also covers the sides and under-eye skin area and creates raccoon eyes.  

By shifting the position constantly, your covered-up skin gets even exposure to the darkening radiance and allows you to enjoy the evenly tanned results.  Also, go for the strapless and ridge-less tanning goggles, as they will help prevent the tan lines on the sides of your face. If you are using the one with straps, move the straps constantly.

Use Disposable Eyewear 

Disposable eyewear has a cone-shaped flexible design that you can rightly fix on your eyelids alone without covering the surrounding surface

How To Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes From Tanning

It is mostly strapless and works on easy-to-use, medically-approved adhesive tape. So, you can enjoy minimum-to-no tan lines and raccoon eyes. Disposable eyewear is also the best option in terms of hygiene. They are one-time usable and safer than the shared goggles that you won’t have any risk of shared infections. 

Use A Higher SPF Sunscreen On Parts Of Your Face 

To prevent unevenness, you should start the tanning session by applying the SPF 30 sunscreen all over the face. On reapplications after every two hours, apply the higher SPF sunscreen (like SPF 50) on the parts of the face that are not covered by the goggles and the SPF 30 on google covered parts. 

By using goggles, your eye-bordering skin gets more protection against radiance than your face’s other parts that eventually leads to white circles around the eyes.

With the application of lower SPF on goggle covering eye surfaces and higher SPF on other parts, you balance the UV preventing level and enjoy even darkness all over the face.

Use Tanning Lotions With A Bronzer 

Bronzer is the coloring agent that oxidizes on the skin and provides golden-brown tanned shade. So, by brushing the bronzer on the skin beneath your eyes, you can darken the raccoon eye circles and even out your tan results.

The under-eye skin is more delicate than can easily absorb the lotion and return darker results. So, never overdo the bronzer, as it will return unattractive pitch-black circles.

Wear Makeup To Cover Your Raccoon Eyes 

Sometimes, a mild sign of white circles does occur around the eyes after tanning. In such cases, you can easily cover them up by using the right shade of makeup. Though the make-up process does not permanently remove the raccoon eye appearance, it could definitely keep you away from looking awkward on your outings!

Generally, the skin beneath the eyes is lighter than the other parts of the face. So, go for the foundation that exactly matches your tan shade or one point lighter to get a more natural look. 

You then dot the selected foundation around your eyes and gently dab it with your finger. This process blends the color deeply and provides an evened-out, natural appearance with no signs of raccoon eyes. Then, continue with your other make-up routines and finally end the process with loose powder.  

Related Questions

Though the above tricks would work well on preventing and covering your raccoon eyes, the following questions may still raise in your mind when you think about white circles around your eyes. Stay cool! Our research-based answers are there to help you out. 

Q. Are Raccoon Eyes From Tanning Permanent? 

No, they are not permanent. The circles around the eyes disappear as time goes and the tan result fades away.  

Q. Are Tanning Goggles Necessary? 

Yes, the tanning goggles protect your eyes from the damages caused by the UV rays of the sun.  

Q. Can I Wear Regular Sunglasses While Tanning? 

No, by wearing sunglasses, you only shade your eyes against sun rays. But, the goggles are the real eye-protecting glasses that protect your eyes from UV damages. So, while tanning, you should wear goggles only.


Racoon eyes provide an embarrassing appearance and make the entire tanning process trashy. But, by following the above-discussed tricks, your entire face gets the evened-out UV rays penetration and enjoys the streak-less radiance. 

While shifting the goggle position, only your skin around the eyes has to be uncovered. Never expose your eyes to harmful rays as it will lead to serious eye damages. Finally, raccoon eyes are no more going to be the obstacle, and now, you can confidently schedule your tanning session!

Yogeshwari Ramadass

Yogeshwari Ramadass

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